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chris weiss 8.02

No description

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of chris weiss 8.02

Political :1
Event: The Wall Comes Down
Type: Political because of the unification of Germany when the Soviet domination in Eastern Europe was at an end.
Cause: Soviet influence have been diminishing throughout Eastern Europe. The Soviets power in Eastern Berlin started to fade when the Soviets gained a new ruler, Mikhail Gorbachev. He allowed the people to have freedom from the government.
Course: After Gorbachev gained control of the Soviet Union. He decided that the country needed to be reformed so he created two programs that will help the country. Due to this President Reagan regained relations with the Soviets. Both talked about preventing the spread of nuclear weapons. Thus signing the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty of 1987.
Consequence: The Berlin wall came down due to the diminishing power of the Soviet Union. Germany was reunited in 1980. Soviet republics decided to pass laws restricting Soviet policies and withdrew the USSR. In 1991, the Soviet government was dissolved and a new era began.
Event: Reagan's Plan
Type: Economic because of the effect his plans had on the economy in general.
Cause: Massive tax cuts, reduced government size, liberated businesses from certain regulations.
Course: Congress agreed to do the massive tax cuts in income, student loans, job training, and mass transportation development. Reagan also spent more on defense not on exports.
Consequence: Due to the massive tax cuts and high spending on defense, there was an imbalance in the trading market since the U.S was importing more than exporting. Though in 1983 America was prospering for awhile, the nation's debt was growing as well as their budget. Also in 1987, the stock market crashed revealing some high profile investors doing illegal business
Event: Globalization
Type: Economics because of factories being created overseas and people in the U.S loosing their jobs to other countries.
Cause: Businesses were having factories be made in foreign countries to have products be made there and be shipped to the U.S. For it was cheaper to made the products there and to then sell the products for more than it was made.
Course: Those factories began to expand more, causing Americans to loss their jobs.
Consequence: Due to globalization many American's from the Dust Belt migrated to Sun Belts in seek of jobs and lower taxes.
Event: 1980 Election
Type: Political because it caused a change in the government.
Causes: Americans wanted a firm, patriotic leader who had a plan to fix the economic problems carrying over from the 1970s.
Course: Jimmy Carter was running for reelection, and Americans overall were very unhappy with his leadership. Ronald Reagan emerged as his challenger, a former actor with great public skills and a plan.
Consequences: They elected Ronald Reagan in 1980 who had a controversial plan for fixing the U.S economy, later dubbed "Reaganomics".
Do you think President Ronald Reagan's policies had a positive or negative effect on the country overall? Explain response.
What do you think was the most significant event of the 1980s and why?
Event: Reagan Doctrine
Type: Social because it deals with the U.S's relations and interventions with foreign countries that are anti-Communist and non-Democratic.
Cause: Many upheavals in various countries like Afghan, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cuba, Iraq, and many others. The intervention of the U.S cause a bit more negative impact than a positive one.
Course: On Reagan's command the U.S forces would go and help groups within a country that was against Communism and rebels of liberty. In many countries like Afghan, El Salvador, and South Africa
Event: Social Concerns
Type: Social because it was a lot of social events taking place in the 1980s.
Cause: The discovery of AIDS, compact discs, NASA, and the effects on drugs in inner cities.
Course: The discovery of AIDS was thought to be only among gay men, but was soon found out not to be so. Compact discs were creating a frenzy in music even astronauts could also listen to music in space. NASA's progresses concerned many due to many astronauts dying in space shuttle's as the world watch in horror. The Say No to Drugs movement was motivated by Reagan's wife, motivating children in inner cities to say no to drugs.
Consequence: The discovery of AIDS made people more aware of their health and doctors/scientists started looking for a cure. Compact disc evolved more to where people were able to record their own music and watch concerts like the Live AID concert for Africa. Due to NASA's progress on failures in past shuttle explosions, they have achieved a lot when discovering stars and planets and universes.
I think that Reagan's policies had more of a negative effect than a positive. The bad outcomes out weigh the good ones. Knowing how many times the economy had a crisis under his rule and how those effects like the gas price problems still linger till this day.
The most significant event that took place would be the embargo on oil. Even though the U.S supported Israel for a good cause, it hurt the economy more than it intended. Not only that automobiles depended on oil and thousands of Americans drive. For prices to go high when many make minimum wage, can hurt their finances.
By: Chris Weiss

Picked Event
Event: Regan Challenges Gorbachev
Type: Picked event number one
The structure divided into east and west since WW II
Challenged the sincerity of Gorbachev
Reform by publicly demanding to take wall down
Type: One Picked
Economic reforms that included
removing reconstruction on private ownership

Reducing government
Allowed for foreign investments
of particular government policies.
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