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Lesson 2: Disciple Leadership

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ximena Gonzalez

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Lesson 2: Disciple Leadership

Lesson 2: Disciple Leadership & Cornell Notes
What it means to be a small “L” leader
How can the following items contribute to being a disciple leader?
*Leading with a small “L.”
*Inspired teaching.
*Having courage and conviction.
*Knowing how to communicate effectively.
*Living your life with honor.
Qualities of a good leader
*Faith in a Living God
*Zeal for Learning
*Power of Introspection
*Love of People
My friend Milkshake
“...in Rexburg, Idaho, we are in the process of creating not a missionary training center (MTC), but a Disciple Preparation Center—a DPC. In this special and sacred and set apart place, you and I have access to unparalleled spiritual resources that can assist us in developing and deepening our devotion as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is the primary and most important reason for the existence of Brigham Young University-Idaho...”

Leaders can best teach others
how to be “true followers” by their personal example.

A Disciple Preparation Center (DPC)
Activitie 1
by Elder David A. Bednar, BYU-Idaho Devotional, August 31, 2004.
Cornell Notes
Cornell note-taking process

Step 1—Record.

Step 2—Reduce.

Step 3—Recite.

Step 4—Reflect.

Step 5—Review.

Vocabulary Activity
2.-development (n)
3.-disciple (n)
4.-foundation (n)
5.-jottings (n)
6.-mechanically (adv)
7.-multitude (n)
8.-priviledge (n)
9.-shepherd (n)
10.-to verify (v)
11.-to review (v)
12.-to record (v)

Review Cornell notes
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