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English: Obstacles Lesson 5

No description

Laney Brager

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of English: Obstacles Lesson 5

Enrique's Journey Enrique's Struggles Enrique's mother leaves to America to find work and give him and his sister a better of life Enrique grows up without his mother Enrique decides to follow his mom to the United States, leaving behind his possibly pregnant girlfriend Enrique meets his mother in the U.S.A., but they have differences. This obstacle is emotional because Enrique feels abandoned when his mother leaves him. He spends his childhood wanting to be with his mother. There are many obstacles that Enrique faces on the trip to North Carolina. Some are physical, like jumping on and off the train, holding onto the train, and working hard seven days a week. Others are emotional, like missing his mother and girlfriend. Several are mental, such as staying awake on the train. This obstacle is completely emotional, because Enrique is angry at his mother for not sending enough money and not being with him. Somebody else who has faced illegal immigration and its effects is Jose Antonio Vargas. He did not have to make his own way through Mexico, but was sent on a plane by a coyote, or smuggler, who was hired by his parents. He didn't know that he was an undocumented citizen until he tried to get a driver's license. He, like other undocumented citizens, must live a life of fear. Fear of being discovered by authorities leads to a lower quality of life. He has little rights, and virtually no way to become a legal resident. When he came to America, he left behind his parents, and probably has not seen them since. Enrique, in the beginning of the story, is left by his mother. When he is older, he wants to go to America to find her. To get to America, he has to go through the deadly states of Mexico. and death are common for migrants. If he avoids being deported, the police, gangs, and train injuries, he must find his mother. While in the United States, he must avoid being deported and send money back to his relatives. To be a survivor in life, one must always be strong. Instead of crying about life, one should keep trying. Never giving up and believing in yourself is key to overcoming obstacles. When obstacles are impossible to overcome people should reach out to others for help. Fear should not rule somebody's life, the less fears a person has, the easier an obstacle is to overcome. To overcome the obstacles they faced, all of these individuals try their best to overcome the fear they had in their situations. Enrique had many fears, of the gangster and police, among many other things. Luigi was scared of not having enough money, probably his airplane ride, and being seperated from his wife and child. Jose was scared of being deported. They all faced their fears head on: Enrique continued his journey, having to restart sometimes. Luigi did what was best even though it was hard. Jose wrote an essay for Times that proclaimed his "illegal" status, asking for an easier legalization process., Luigi D'Amico faces many of the same obstacles that Enrique does. Because of the danger and lack of money, he and his family decide to move to America. However, only his pregnant wife can go, the opposite of Enrique. They do have other similarities after Luigi does get to America, like how they both cannot choose their work because they need the money. Also, they have difficulties because they both cannot speak English. Nazario, Sonia. Enrique's journey. New York: Random House, 2006. Print.
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"I Smile :) « Fearless Expressioner." Fearless Expressioner. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Feb. 2013. <http://4realtalk.wordpress.com/2011/04/02/i-smile/>. Citations Scenario
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