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Building a Comuter

No description

Morgan Gray

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Building a Comuter

Building a Computer MY COMPONENTS Case: 199.99
Thermal Take Spedo CPU: 279.99
Intel Core i7-860 Heatsink and Fan: 21.99
Dynatron K985 Motherboard: 229.99
ASUS P7P55 RAM: 249.99
Mushkin Enhanced Redline Power Supply:129.99
Thermaltake Toughpower Hard Drive: 199.99
Western Digital
VelociRaptor Optical Drive: 184.99
Pioneer Black SoundCard: 99.99
Creative Video Card: 204.99x2
MSI N260GTX Remote: 54.99
Microsoft Wireless Xbox Keyboard/Mouse: 44.99
Rosewill Rkm-1600RF Operating Software: 174.99
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Software(Xbox): Free
Must get it pirated Software: 35.99
AVG Antivirus 2yr Speakers: 79.99
Creative Inspire Monitor: 499.99
Dynex 40" HDMI Cable: 24.99
12' HDMI Cable FINAL PRICE: $2922.71 Part Pictures case CPU Heatsink and Fan MOtherboard RAM power supply Hard Drive Optical Drive SOundCard Video Card Remote Keyboard/Mouse operating Software Speakers Xbox Software MOnitor(LCD TV) HDMI connector cable instructions (assembly) 1. Get all of your parts neatly seperated onto a static free table
2. Ground yourself make sure that there is no static electricty flowing through you
3.get your case opened and ready to put parts into
4. put cpu, RAM, and heatsink onto the motherboard outside of the case
5. lift Cpu lever, let the cpu fall in, resecure the lever
6. apply the heatsink and fan
7. apply the RAM to the appropriate slots in the mother board
8. attach any necessary things to the case
9. palce the motherboard into the motherboard slots
10. put the hard drive into the case, must take out the drive case first
11. put the optical drive in and make sure to install from the front
12. apply the main power to the motherboard
13. install SATA, USB, Audio, to the motherboard
14. secure the power supply
15. once the power supply is in take all the cables and put them in the correct spot
16. put in video cards, and sound cards
17. apply power to everything else
18. install monitor, from case to monitor mine is HDMI
19.apply the keyboard, mouse, and other external devices
20.install windows
21. install the other software that you purchased.
22. Have fun works cited:
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