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Implementing more Gluten-Free Options on Campus

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Julia Kwapinski

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Implementing more Gluten-Free Options on Campus

Implementing more Gluten-Free Options on West Chester University's Campus
Background Info

We will have to find gluten free dinner items that are tasty and that students would be interested in like Amy's Kitchen Gluten Free products.
We will also have to find gluten free grocery items that the students can purchase to prepare dinner in their home.
We will advertise our new products so that there will be more interest in the new products. If there is a lot of interest in the new products then Aramark will be able to get more!
Implementing more gluten free dining and grocery options on campus would greatly benefit the gluten free students and also the students with no allergies make healthier food choices.
Identifying the Problem
After sitting down to lunch with a West Chester University student, we noticed something that we were unable to overlook. This student is on a gluten-free diet and is content yet unsatisfied with the gluten-free selection that they serve here at West Chester.
Overall problem= not enough of these gluten-free options for students with Celiac's Disease and gluten sensitivity
We are determined to make a change. By implementing more gluten-free foods on campus, West Chester University would be able to provide the students with nutrition specifications to their wants and needs.
After sitting down with current students that are involved in these ideals, nutrition professors, and professionals associated with the services the dining hall offers, we realized the plan of action we must take in order to spend our money wisely and get our plan carried out fully.
A gluten-free diet consists of food that contain any hints of wheat, barley, rye, and triticale.
Celiac's disease makes it hard for a person to digest their food. This occurs when small intestines are sensitive to Gluten products, and the cure for this is to simply not consume those foods.
Because this diet prohibits nearly everything that is served in our dining hall, it is crucial that these students stick to the gluten-free areas availible for them.
Currently at West Chester, there is a small gluten-free section availible in Lawrence, as well as a few options in Larry's food market and Sykes. Although it is fantastic that there are these options availible, we would like to expand the selection for the future.
-We need to raise awareness among West Chester students about gluten-free diets.
-The more interest there is in these products, the more options there will be.

-Offer samples of gluten-free foods so students can get a taste of them
We would need money for...
The purchase, shipment, and stocking of the new gluten free products
A food tasting event to allow students to try the new products
Advertisements around campus to get more students interested in the gluten free products
Who We Are and Why We Care...
We are...
3 First-Year West Chester University Students
who want to make a positive change on campus that will benefit fellow students
Why we care...
We have gluten free friends living on campus
We understand how hard it can be for someone who has to eat gluten-free
We believe all students should feel comfortable and have the same choices when it comes to food options
What have other campuses done?

University of Connect (Storrs, CT)
each dining area on campus has a specialized area that acquires gluten-free food for students. Their food court also contains a completely gluten-free menu.
University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA)
Support Group: Gluten Free My Campus
Since this has been implemented, more options have been made availible for students on campus
Loyola Marymount (Los Angeles, CA)
Requires all chefs and managers to have gluten-free training
Has an entire gluten-free dining program at their main dining hall
We met with Emily LaStarza, the Director of Safety and Sanitation at West Chester University. She guided us in the right direction and allowed us to come up with a achievable plan.
It would be too difficult to implement gluten free options into our self-serve dining hall, Lawrence, because gulten can be transfered through the air and with the use of utensils.
Besides this fact, we have found that the best way to get more gluten free options on campus would be to have more Grab-and-Go options in our food court, Sykes, in our small convienence stores, Larry's market and the P.O.D.
Foods With Gluten
Foods Without Gluten
Anything with breading
Processed Meat
Most Processed Foods
Soups and Sauces
Anything with wheat, barley, rye, malt, and tritical
Most Dairy Products
Fresh Meats, Fish, and Eggs
A Personal Gluten Free Story...
Julia Kwapinski, Hannah Green, Christina Reinhard
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