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Westing Game Character Sketch

No description

Johnny Trussler

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Westing Game Character Sketch

The Westing Game The Westing Game Sydelle Pulaski Doug Hoo theo Grace Wexler Over protective Different Clever Sassy Traits creative sandy mcsouthers by: Micah Callahan Character Traits Age : Crows age is 57 in The Westing Game Judge Ford the westing game turtle wexler by: Lanie Rodriguez By.Roxy Priego Age: Age;14 traits:suspicious track runner smart,
clever The Westing Game by Kai Reyes By: Merissa Henson job:
door man at sunset towers she 13 years old westing connection westing connection: worked for Mr. westing
HE IS SAM WESTING Age:65 education:
eighth grade Crow Crows real name is Berthe Erica Crow. Character Traits: overweight Cris Theoderakis Otis Amber By Moises Garcia turtle is 13 years old Age: Bird Watches Real name isDouglas Hoo Brother is Theo The westing game Education:
Crow only had 1year of high school. Age: 42 years old Angela Wexler Age:20 occupation:
never really
had a jod.Although
she said she had many
different jobs. Family:
her husband is Jake, first daughter is
Angela, and last but not least second
daughter Tabitha or more likely known
as Turtle. Age: 40 By :Juliet Logue Partner: Jimmy Hoo In The Westing Game Crows partner is Otis Amber. By: Caitlin Parsons age : He's more than just a guy in a wheel chair Partner: Sandy Mcsouthers Age:
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