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My Hero

No description

Madyson Duncan

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of My Hero

My Hero My Hero Author:
Katie Gill The theme of a book is the message the
author is trying to tell you By: Katie Gill Publisher
Oxford University Press Canada Copy Right
1998 It's Thursday. I hate Thursday.
Today, multitudes of parents and children make long trips in order to arrive at this destination... Hell. Katie has to go to the hospital
every Thursday because she has cancer and she needs to go to chemotherapy. The Hunger Games
The theme of the hunger games is surviving in the world Katie sees a baby in the hospital
and the baby is bouncing on the mothers lap with
a huge smile on his face.
"Nobody Smiles, Nobody Laughs" Katie starts to think about how you don't have to be negative by having cancer. Katie starts to get positive about having cancer. She thinks that having cancer won't ruin your life Katie soon gets positive about having cancer. The baby boy is the one that made her positive about cancer. itu Maddy Duncan 802 The
End :)
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