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No description

Jessie Findora

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Propaganda

Propaganda The use of arguments to convince someone of something The Intent Propaganda is a way of manipulating people Regardless of the propaganda's intentions (they can be good), propaganda is always bad. It is designed to do your thinking for you. Name-calling The use of derogatory (abusive) language and words that carry a negative connotation when describing an enemy. That girl is a harlot!
“Commie” or “Terrorist” Bandwagon Everyone is doing it, and you should, too- No one wants to be left out or left behind (Peer Pressure) March Madness Red Herring Distracting with an unrelated point; “winning” an argument by leading attention away from the actual topic “You may claim that the death penalty is an ineffective deterrent against crime--but what about the victims of crime? How do you think surviving family members feel when they see the man who murdered their son kept in prison at their expense? Is it right that they should pay for their son's murderer to be fed and housed?" Testimonial A celebrity or expert who endorses a product, candidate, or idea Four out of five dentists agree Circular Argument The point and the reasoning are the same (lack of evidence) Spinach is an awful tasting food because it tastes bad
You can’t give me a C! I’m an A student! Logical Fallacy A false or incorrect logical deduction A. Nate has two legs.
B. All birds have two legs.
Therefore, Nate is a bird. Which type of persuasive appeal? Which type of persuasive appeal? Which type of persuasive appeal? Which type of persuasive appeal? Which type of persuasive appeal? Which type of persuasive appeal?
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