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Haircut: A Short Story by Ring Lardner

No description

Elena Sneathen

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Haircut: A Short Story by Ring Lardner

: A Short Story by Ring Lardner

Ring Lardner (1885-1933)
The story is narrated from a barber shop in Michigan
the narrator himself states that the town "ain't no New York City or Chicago", which immediately gives readers the feeling that this story takes place in a small town setting
Main Characters
Dick Whitey
: narrator; barber; uses colloquialisms; tells stories of cruel events that occurred in town; ignorant and blind
Jim Kendall
: town prankster; main focus of the story; cruel; laughs at himself; poor father and husband; fired from job
Doc (Ralph) Stair

serious; fair; concerned about people; good at job and organized; caring, ideal gentleman


sweet; unassuming; fell in love with the doctor
Paul Dickson

fell out of tree at 10 yrs old; not very smart; loves Julie
Hod Meyers

Jim's friend and fellow jokester; not as cruel as Jim
American sports columnist, short story writer and playwright
Well known for his
takes on sports, marriage and theater
Born: Niles, Michigan
Died: Eat Hampton, New York
Had a wife and four sons
Irony and Symbolism
Style and Tone
Point of View
My Personal Opinion
Male domination in society
Hatred vs. Love
Compassion vs. Revenge
Within the short story, human nature is also a huge focal point
I found this story to be very interesting. I enjoyed the narrator's style, and hearing about such serious events in such a casual and personable manner is what makes this short story stand out from many others I have read.
In the story, Jim plays many mean-spirited jokes on people throughout the town. After one particularly cruel joke on Julie, Paul "accidentally" shoots and kills Jim while hunting
Examples of Jim's "jokes":
leaves wife and kids at circus
tricks Julie into visiting Doc
tells Whitey that someone is dead; “dead” man answers door
sends Paul to find a “left-handed” monkey wrench
Second person
(Narrator is speaking directly to the reader and uses "you" throughout the story)
Narrator is extremely
The barber, Dick Whitey, seems to be
because of his honesty,
yet unreliable
at the same time, due to his inability to grasp the severity of the events he recalls
Prezi created by
The entire story is presented in
approach to narrating (Example: "You're a newcomer, ain't you?")
Tone: the speaker is very
seems fairly uneducated
(Example: The use of the phrase "I got..." when "I have..." is correct)
Some key examples of irony and symbolism include:
Whitey's belief that Jim was a good person
Jim's "accidental" demise
The little love triangle (Jim likes Julie, Julie likes Doc, Doc does not share Julie's feelings)
The circus
: symbolizes Jim's life and relationships
: represents a major issue for Jim and other men in the town
The gun
: embodies revenge
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