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Greek Mythology Family Tree

No description

Jacquelyn Zbranak

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Greek Mythology Family Tree

Daimones= Spirits
Thanatos= non-violent death
Philotes= female fellings of affection, friendship
Oneiroi= dreams, whose leader
Oizys= female feeling of pain
Moros= doom, mockery, blame, ridicul, scorn, complaint, stinging criticism
Lyssa= rage, raging madness, frenzy (in animals rabies)
Hypnos= sleep
Geras= male feeling of old age
Apate= deceit, guile, fraud, deception
Dolos= trickery, wiles
Eris= Strife, haunted the Battle field Chaos= Nothingness Nyx= Night Ananka= Inevitabiliilty Tartarus= Hell Gaia= Earth Eros= Procreation Erebus= Darkness Hesperides= Evening
Hesperethoosa Algaea= feeling of pains, sorrows
Amphillogea= goddess of disputes
Androctasia= killer of men
Ate= Feeling of error, delusion, ruin, blind folly
Dysnomia= female feeling of lawlessness
Horcos= troubles men when anyone swears a false oath
Lethe= female feelong of forhetfulness
Limos= female feeling of hunger
Malchai= battles
Neicea= female feeling of grievance, quarrel
Phonos= murders, slaughtering
Ponos= feeling of hard labor
Pseudia= godess of lies, falsehoods
Usmine= goddess of fighting, combat The Keres= female spirtits of death and doom, act as avending spirets Hemera= Day Charon= ferried the dead across the river Acheron Aether= upper air Thalassa= goddess of the sea Titan goddesses/ gods
Lapetus= mortality, wounding
Coeus= intelligence, axis of heaven
Hyperion= light of the heaven, ordering of the days and months
Theia= (goddess) sight, clear blue skies
Tethys= (goddess) subterranean sources of fresh-water,nursing the young
Okeanus= vast ocean (Atlantic)
Mnemosyne= (goddess) memory, words, language
Phoibe= (goddess) bright intellect, the oracle at Delphi
Krios= leadership, domesticated animals, constellations of heaven
Rheia= (goddess) female fertility and mountain wilderness
Cronus= time
Prometheus= forethought and the creator of mankind
Epimethus= afterthought Ouranos= Sky Erinyes= (3) chthonian goddesses avenged crimes against natural and moral order(Tisiphone, Megaira, Alekto) Heka-Gigantes= tribe of giants (41), made war on gods and were destroyed
Hekatinkheires= Hundred- hand, fifty-headed Giants, violant storms, hurricanes
(Gyes, Briareus, Cottus) Cyclopes= orb-eyed giant gods, thounder, lightning (Arges,Brontes, Steropes) Meliai= nymths of the mountain Ash-tree, from who first spears were crafted, bees and honey Typhone= monstrous storm-daemon,100 heads, serpent legs, giant wings Telkhines= 4 magician-smiths and sea daimones Phthon= drakaina (she-serpent) Pontos= sea Thaumas= wonders of the sea Phorkys= ancient sea-god Ourea= Primeval gods/spirits
(Aitna,Athos, Helikon, Kythairon, Nysos, Olympos, Oreios, Parnes, Timolos) Nesoi= goddesses of islands Nereus= ancient fish-tailed sea-god (Old Man of the Sea Keto= ancient sea-goddess Hamadryads= tree nymphs that live and die with the tree they inhabited Eurybia= ancient goddess of power over the sea Dryads= femal spirits of nature, groves and forests Daktyloi-Koretes= spirits that guarded the infant Zeus Aigaios= stormy seas Potamoi= river gods, manlike chest up with serpentine tail of a fish Oceanides= nymph of the ocean

Naiads= nymphs of the rivers and springs

Nephelai= nymphs of clouds

Aurai= nyphs of cool breezes
Limoniads= nyphs of meadows

Alseides= nyphs of groves Styx= (hate) goddess of the river Styx Bia= goddess of force Asteria= prophesies of the night Leto= mother of Artemis and Apollo Selene= goddess of the moon Eos= goddess of the dawn Chiron= immortal centaur Demeter= agriculture, fertile earth Hades= in charge of land of the dead Hera= goddess of heavens,women, marriage Hestia= goddess of hearth and home Poseidon= king of the sea, god of horses, rivers, earthquakes Zeus= kind of gods, god of heavens, weather, fate, kings Ares= god of war Hebe=goddess of youth Hephaestus= gos of fire, valcanism, smiths, craftsman Perephone= queen of the underworld, springtime goddess Apollo= god of prophecy, music, healing Artemis= goddess of hunting, wild animals, childbirth, childern Athena= goddess of war, crafts Dionysos= god of wine Heracles= greatest of Greek heroes, Zeus turned him into a god on Olympus Hermes= god of animal husbendry and fertility, trade, messengers, travil Oreads= nymphs of mountains, grottoes Pandia= goddess of brightness Zeus+Alemene Zeus+Leto Zeus+Semele Zeus+Gaia Zeus+Maia Zeus+Gaia (Father: Lapetos)
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