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Me as a dancer

It is about my favourite hobby: volk- and ballroom dancing. :)

Juszt Réka

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Me as a dancer

The beginning My life in Kecskemét
Volkdance Ensemble Ballroom dancing in Exotic TSE Me as a dancer Introduction of my favourite hobby I attended this dance ensemble from 1999 to 2012.
During this time I had lots of performances and competitions and gained a
great amount of good friends. I had here a lot of performances so far. I do dance ever since I can remember:
At the same time when I was enrolled to the kindergarten I also started having volkdance lessons. I really enjoyed it but I didn't know that it will mean later for me so much... I didn't stop dancing later, I entered into the Kecskemét Volkdance Ensemble during primary
school. My best experience was the turkish trip last summer. We were invited to a famous international festival, which lasted 1 week.
We met there with a huge success and I also got a lot of foreign people to know. However recently I started to have a higher interest in ballroom dancing. Therefore last year I attended to the Exotic Dancesport Ensemble. Furthermore, I decided to start competitive dancing. I hope I will be successful. :) This was a short story about my favorite hobby. I hope you enjoyed it. :)
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