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Trojan War

No description

marijose umana

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Trojan War

After the Trojan War
The ending of this war was really an important event for him because it marks the beginning of the Odyssey, his journey to his home and wife in Ithaca, an today the biggest journey in all times.
The Trojan Horse
Giant wooden horse.
A group of soldiers, including Odysseus, got inside it and it was taken to the gates of Troy.
The soldiers that got in on the horse opened the gates so they could come in.
The Greeks attacked the city and rescued Helen.
The Greeks won the war
• Agamemnon: king of Mycenae
• Menelaus: king of Sparta, husband of Helen
• Odysseus: son of Laertes
• Achilles: the "swift-footed" warrior • Nestor: king of Pylos
Trojan War
• Priam: king of Troy
• Hector: son of Priam and Hecuba
• Paris: son of Pirma and Hecuba, brother of hector
• Aeneas: son of Aphrodite and Anchises.
Odysseus became a hero in this war not just because of being the creator of the horse but because of his cleverness during the fights.
Ana Isabel Cacacho #9
Esteban Godoy #10
Luis Diego Lujan #11
Sofia Marroquin #12

Greeks vs Trojans
10 years
Troy surrounded by a giant wall
Odysseus: Odysseus spent: the next ten years in a journey getting home.
Paris: was mortally wounded late on the war by Philoctetes.
Big Party
In the night while everyone was sleeping.
Odysseus and his men where able to attack Troy.
The Trojan Horse was a symbol of the Trojan War. This war started as a quarrel in which goddess was the most beautiful. After none of the male gods wanted to judge Zeus choose Paris, a random human, to judge and after all three of the goddess offered him different things he choose Aphrodite. After Helen, Menelaus wife had an affair with Paris, Menelaus declared war to Troy. This war lasted 10 years and the Greeks won the battle by using a smart plan of attacking Troy when no one was watching.
The Heroes
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