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No description

Győri Csilla

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of .

My School
I attend in Hatvan in József Bajza grammer school.

Bajza is tradicional high school

There you can choos opcional.

You can take part in many circle
My class
My class is verry good
We love eachother
The best class in the scool
Form teacher
We have got a verry kind class teacher:) My favourit subject spanish
My family
Best friend
Her name is Evelin.
She is verry friendly and kind.
She always understanding.
She is usually polite and sometimes moody.
She sometimes silent. Holiday Spain
Sagrada Familia
Spanish Teacher and Kitti
It has got a lot's of problemin the word.
Forex:Global worming.
Changes in the earts climate have been
taking place ever since life first appeased.
It's a fact that our planet is becoming hotter
and hotter.

. Acid rain:Trees and
animals all over the word
are dying becouse of aceid rain
Cars and factories produce a lot's
of dangerous gases wich enter
the atmosphere.
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