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High School Resume

No description

Celeste Momo

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of High School Resume

My Journey
I was born in San Francisco, California where I spent my first two years of life.
When I was two going on three, I moved to Hawai'i!
Traveling + Skiing
When I came to Hawai'i, I started day care at Seagull School and then Pre-K at Island Pacific Academy.
Now I'm in eighth grade at Island Pacific Academy.
Science Fair
Summer Camps
Ice Skating
Why should you accept me?
My name is Ling-Yi Celeste Tsiang. This is a presentation of my life so far!
This is me today:
Other Activities
6th grade, 2012
You may have noticed that there are no second grade pictures. Why? Because I skipped second grade.
When I was a toddler, I took ballet, tap, and jazz.
In 6th grade, I took classes from Hypersquad Dance Academy
I also attended a dance camp from UH Rainbow Dancers and performed during half-time at a basketball game.
Each summer, I passed one of the swimming levels at the YMCA program from minnow (beginner) to porpoise (advanced)
I absolutely love books. I become very attached to books and talk about them 24/7. Books inspire me to write and to learn new vocabulary words.
For three years, I attended Chinese school on Sundays until my father decided to tutor me at home. I hope to continue studying Mandarin in high school. One day, I want to visit China.
As you can see, Chinese School was a lot of fun.
I took digital photography for one semester at my school.
When I was eight, I took horseback riding lessons for about a year.
For my family, one of the main reasons for traveling is to ski.
I've been privileged to travel to Japan, Mexico, Canada, and many states in the USA.
Flight School for Girls
Camp Erdman
I've been going to Camp Erdman every summer since kindergarten.
Mount Hood Summer Ski Camp
I've been to ski camp for the past two summers. Yes, there is such a thing as summer skiing.
I've been skating for over two-thirds of my life. Recently, I skated at my second Ice Skating Institute Team World Championships, this time in Anaheim, California.
I played for the Blitz team up until 2010
I went to Flight School for Girls which was offered the first time by Pacific Aviation Museum in 2012. I went back for Advanced Flight School this past summer.
First Grade
First Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade
Seventh Grade
I've been studying Japanese for two years now (in school).
I love taking bike rides. Last year, I took a 30 mile ride with my dad and his friends.
I love making iMovies for school and my own entertainment.
I hope when I learn enough Japanese, I can go to Japan again and interact with everyone.
Someday, I wish to get into Dartmouth, and I think Punahou will be able to get me there. If you do accept me, I will do my best to represent this school.
My friends mean so much to me. Without them, I don't know where I would be.
I was privileged enough to make it to state-level for two consecutive years, each time winning $250.
I took a robotics class at Moanalua Middle School in summer of 2011.
I'm very interested in fantasy writing, because it allows people to experience something they can never experience in real life.
I also love books that are based on real stories.
Awards (The Hubble Telescope)
2012 District Science Fair: Best in category
2012 Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair:
Chevron ($100)
Armed Forces Communications/Electronics Assoc. ($150)
2013 HAIS District Science Fair: Certificate of Achievement
2013 Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair
HSSEF Certificate of Honor
HSSEF Best of Physics & Astronomy
Armed Forces Communications/Electronics Assoc. ($200 first place)
U.S. Navy/Marines Certificate & Medallion
American Public Works Association ($50)
Broadcom MASTERS Nomination to National Competition
Even though I didn't make it to nationals in seventh grade, I hope I can make it this coming science fair.
Mt. Hood, Summer 2013
Mt. Hood Summer 2013
Mt. Hood Summer 2013
First Duet with Mom, Ice Palace 2005
Summer 2013
Summer 2013
Summer 2013
First Competition, Ice Palace
Artistry Class (hoops, ribbons etc.)
Sapporo Ice Festival
Sapporo, Japan
IPA state level competitors April, 2012
State Science Fair April, 2013
Beginner Flight School
Beginner Flight School
Advanced Flight School
These are some of the books I've read in the past two years.
I love my family so dearly. They have given me more than enough and encourage me to take every opportunity to learn or have fun. My mother is from Scarsdale, New York and works as a psychologist. She got her B.A. at Grinnell College, and Ph.D. at UH. My father is from Hong Kong, China and is a physicist at Spectrum Photonics. He received his B.A. at UC Santa Barbara, and Ph.D. at Columbia University.
Sapporo Japan, 2011
School Science Fair, January 2013
Camp Competition
Working on the Robot
Working on the robot
Whistler, Canada 2002
Grouse Mt. , Canada
Grouse Mt. , Canada
Cypress Mt, Canada
Cypress Mt. , Canada
Friend from Japan
I chose to do my project on the Hubble because one of my dad's old jobs was working on the Hubble.
Working on Bernoulli's Principle project, 2012
Japanese Ski Friend
Koko Crater Stables
I live here.
Christmas Show, 2012
Christmas Show, 2008
Artistry Group 2011
7th grade, 2013
School Science Fair, 2012
Reading in the frozen foods section (2007)
Community Service
This is where I got my inspiration for my Bernoulli's Principle project.
I was a very early reader. I just didn't know what to do with the books.
Vancouver 2012
For volunteer hours, I assist coach at Ice Palace, and make balloon animals at children's parties.
Why I want to attend your school
I think I will get a better education in your school, especially in math. I believe your school is more likely to get me into a highly selective college. I think the teachers at your school are much more qualified. Also, your campus has a lot more activities and facilities. Finally, I prefer your school's traditional AP program over my school's IB program.
Dr. Brad Kerwin's benefit party for Hawaii Food Bank.
Dr. Brad Kerwin's benefit party for Hawaii Food Bank
School Friends
School Friends
Skating Friends
Train Station Sendai, Japan, 2011
These photos were taken two weeks before the tsunami of 3/11.
Skating Friends
I used to take both soccer and skating. I was part of HYSA (Hawaii Youth Soccer Association) on the blitz team for three years . There wasn't enough time for both sports, so I had to make a choice. I chose skating.
I aspire to be like Rachel Flatt because she's an Olympic ice skater, and attends Stanford.
Within the last year, I have been baking at every opportunity. I love baking for birthdays, dinners, and any other occasion. When my parents can't cook , I make dinner.
I saw these very cars on the internet damaged and floating up against the wall.
I have been in Dr. Brad Kerwin's magic school for three years.
Thank you for viewing my presentation.
Sixth Grade
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