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English Final: The Bronze Bow

No description

Fabio Montanari

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of English Final: The Bronze Bow

bronze Bow By: Elizabeth George Speare http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=170840 If you enjoyed my summary, and think she is a good author this is the link to shop for her other books. More specific Biography of the author:

http://www.biblio.com/elizabeth-george-speare~153373~author The Bronze Bow Is Her most famous Book! People who like
to read about
action and suspense
in ancient times
would love
this book, because in a
lot of parts of the books it
is about conflicts between
Israelis and Romans where
the Romans chase the Israelis
for days and days while they
hide, until they get killed. It is a difficult book, because
it uses a lot of ancient words
that are complicated to find
their meaning. It also includes a lot of peoms that are written in technical language. Ita is a book for six to eight grade! In this story there
are many problmes,
but the biggest one
is that the Romans
invaded Israel. Daniel
the main character
decides to get rid of
the Romans by
joining a small army
in the mountains! The problem in that
problem is that not
everybody wants the same!! This Book
Takes place
in jerusalem,
Israel. The town
name is Tiberias. It is Mostly in
Daniel's the main
characters house,
and in the
mountains where
the army is forming. (Just doble click on the link above) Link to where you can buy her books: (audiobooks, kindle books, and normal books)

http://www.amazon.com/s/qid=1306426386/ref=sr_gnr_spell?ie=UTF8&search-alias=stripbooks&field-keywords=elizabeth%20george%20speare%20books This is another cover for the Bronze Bow The book she is best recognized by is not the the Bronze Bow, it is The Witch Of Blackbird pond! http://www.learnoutloud.com/Audio-Books/Literature/American-Classics/The-Witch-of-Blackbird-Pond/27603 A sample of the book in audio: In Tiberias there is a village
called Ketzah, and there is where
Daniel's sister and grandmother
live. Daniel used to live there
until he became a slave, and
decided to move to the
mountains. This book is during the era of jesus Christ, and around the time when he was crucified by the romans. My Opinion: Why do I like this Book? I like this book because I love reading something that gets you into the story. This book has so much accion in it that as you read it you imagine yourself as an extra character. I even started dodgin the spears sometimes! This book is based on true facts. It teaches the history of Jesus and how the world was when he was alive! AudioBook of the bronze bow! - Small problems are
important in this story,
because they create
bigger problems. One
small problem is that
Jona's grandmother dies,
and her little sister can't
stay alone on town. Jonas
has to make a decision.
Should Jonas stay in the
mountains, and fight
against Romans or should
he move to town and
take care of his sister? Jonas eventually moves
to town and takes care
of his sister. Another small problem in the story is that Leah has a mentall ilness. Everybody says that
she is possesed by demons, but she isn't. Leah can't satay alone at home, so Daniel can't go
out and work. What should he do? Daniel's friend Simon gives Daniel his house wich has a blacksmith store inside,
where Daniel can work, while taking care of Leah. Good: Daniel, is the protagonist of this story.
He is the boy on the cover.

Bad: There is not only one antagonist,
because all the Romans are the enemies. Other important characters:

Rosh: Israeli army leader

Joel: Member of the army.

Jesus Christ: You should know who he is!
Leader of all Israel! The End!!
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