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Field Studies

No description

Kellie Julander

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Field Studies

Field Studies East London, South Africa Kellie Julander,Tommy Higham, Juliana Garrett What is a Field Study? Cultural Immersion
Oportunity to help the community
Research and creative projects in an urban location

Field Study vs. Study Abroad Education in a different culture
Experience defined around program
Conduct research in your own field of interest
Helps towards Graduate School
Helps in publication
Centered around YOU What Will I Be Doing in South Africa? Child care centers and orphanages
Public Health & HIV/AIDS research
Government patterning
Job training and education for villagers
Changing someone’s life forever
YOU choose your own project

What Do I Need to Do? Preparation
Cost Preparation Familiar with theory and methods appropriate to proposed project
Enroll in IAS 360R
(Cross cultural communication)
(Research design and ethics)
Proposed project reviewed and approved by IRB ( Institutional Review Board)


Letter of intent
2 letters of recommendation
$25 application fee (included in estimated cost)
Strategy sessions to plan
Group discussion session
Acceptance mtg (invitation)
Cost Estimated $3,500-$6,000
Includes airfare, tuition, travel insurance, passport, vaccinations, living expenses, in-country travel, application fee, acceptance fee.
ORCA scholarships
BYU USP-Field Studies Scholarship
Honors Thesis funding
College and dept. funding
Federal Pell Grants and Stafford Loans
Non-BYU scholarships and grants
“It’s a great way to learn and have an extremely enriching and fulfilling educational experience (both personally and academically) that sort of breaks the mold and goes outside the traditional idea of study abroad and education in general.”
Matt Adamson Program Facilitator Southafrica.fs.byu@gmail.com
101 HRCB
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