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Creative Written

My Prezi for creative wirtten

Marsay Johnson

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Creative Written

My Voice... Crazy World ha-ha-ha
Yesterday got a call saying that i said Blah!, but then again in school you acnted like nothing was wrong. when i woke up this morning and saw your face, i said to myself " what a Crazy World huh?" you used to weep at night when your world was turn upside down, you could go to sleep at night without having to wet the pillow in need of a helping hand. now that you back on your feet you see that helping hand as if it's a piece of dog Poop laying on the road. keep thinking to myself, " what a crazy world." you say your a christian, but yet your bearing false withness against thou neighbor. i mean " what a Crazy World" Your Love Your love is likea Battle field,
afer all the fighting, crying
we can always come back together
and know that we've made it to another level.
your love is like a 10 speed bike,
one min we are ridding at a normal pase,
and the next we are going a fast as a 10 speed bike
your love is like a carnival, joyful and fun.
your love is like dance, that you can't stop dancing
your love is like a rainstorm pouring down hard.
one thing that I love you about your love,
is that after the rain, there'll always be a sunshine.
your love is truth, truth is life,
life is justice, justice is respect, respect is your love.
your love is my drug, cant seem to get enough, my drug is your love but
it anit over till we say "I DO!" You Say.... you say I am Selfish, but yet you dont appreciate anything a person do for you. you say i'm disrespectful, yet your Major in it. thinking not speaking to me, will make me bow down and praise you. the thing that hurts the most, is that i was the one who gived you the air that you breath, the clean pillow that you lay on at night
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