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Concept Cars

No description

George Stein

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Concept Cars

Concept Cars Compressed-Air Car GOOD
Costs less than 1 Euro per 100 Km.
200 to 300 km or 10 hours of driving
Runs on compressed-air. (go figure)
Called the “no pollution ” car.
Top speed of 68 mph.
Very cost efficient.
Not to stylish
If the speed is over 68 mph, it can’t go the speed limit.
Biodiesel/ Diesel car GOOD
Runs on oil seed rape, sunflower oil, palm oil and soybeans.
greenhouse gas emissions (per mile) can be reduced by up to 60%
ester-based biodiesel degrades rubber products
as biodiesel is more viscous than mineral diesel, biodiesel can clog fuel lines, fuel filters and fuel injectors when cold
Solar Cars GOOD
solar power explosion now allows people to charge plug in electric vehicles.
through solar panels installed on their homes and in recent history solar panels installed on the roof of the car itself.
No emissions at all.
Could possibly run out of power.
Not as effective at night.
Electric/Hybrid Cars GOOD
Runs on gasoline OR electricity OR both.
Less green house gas emissions.
Stores the momentum of the car in the battery, saving it for later.
Great for accelerating .
Can’t run COMPLETELY on electricity.
Hydrogen Cars GOOD
Nice looking car.
I don’t know
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