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The prince who knew his fate

No description

Parker Stroud

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of The prince who knew his fate

RE - TOLD / EDITED BY PARKER STROUD The prince who knew his fate. ONCE OPON A TIME.... Their conversation carried on until Loki finally won... A long, long time ago, there was a king and a queen
who were PREGGERZ!!! He will be killed by a DUCK! The seven goddesses came over to tell the fortune of the baby boy: Ollis the King: We cannot let him out of our sight!
Zoey the Queen: Agreed!!! so, the day their son was born
was a tragic day... Loki the prince: What is that?! Ollis the king: FINE! A DUCK YOU SHAL HAVE! OH GOD! IM, IM PREGGERZ! Said the first, Or a PIGEON! Said the next, OR A TOOTHPICK!! Everyone gasped! Toothpicks were the worst of all! :O AHHHHH! So with that they sheltered their son till he grew old. By age 15 prince Loki(the hot) desired to live on his own and explore the world. He asked, looking out his window Ollis the king: That is a duck my son, something you cannot have, the goddesses have warned us. Loki the prince: But father! I need one! Ollis the king: NEVER!!!!! ONE DAY IN THE KINGDOM OF PARKERVILLE... He said, concerned. Loki got his duck and was happy for a few years until..... OH NO! Loki the prince: Father! I need to experience the world! Let me go to other places, other worlds.... Ollis the king: OK He said, tiredly. And that day, off Loki went to experience the world outside of PARKERVILLE. Once he was on his way THE PRINCE TOOK A WALK TO WATER THE GARDENS WITH HIS EVIL DUCK. And they all ended dancing...... So the prince and princess got married... WOO HOO! :) The men were fighting in a contest to win the princesses heart... He ran into other men trying to get inside the princesses tower so that they could marry her. Jose one of the men: Princess!!! Come to me!!!! I rolled the dice of truth! Come! Parker the princess: You stupid fool I aint doing jack! Loki the prince: I shall win her heart by rolling the dice of truth! LOKI ROLLED THE DICE AND GOT A 6! Parker the princess: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Parker the princess: Father! Someone worthy! Come quick! The prince and father of Parker sent his guards to take a look at who had won. Parker the princess: Guards! Here is the worthy one! He has reached my tower and rolled a 6! She shouted Parker the princess: I'm gunna marry this fool cause he's SEXY! SEXYNESS But.... one night while hot prince loki was sleeping... A toothpick crept into the room. Parker the princess: AHHHHH! She was so frightened she smashed the toothpick into three pieces! She didnt wake her husband because she thought it would scare him too much. The next day... so as he was you know, watering plants... his duck suddendly turned on him and starting quacking at him.... ya, so scary! So, anyway he ran away next to a river because everyone knows ducks hate the water! So as the sexy prince hid in the water he came apon a fairly large pigeon! "Why hello there!" He said. "Pigeon." Said the pigeon.. or whatever pigeons say... :/ So Loki and the weird bird started talking and came on an agreement. "I will clean your teeth for you if you dont let your duck eat me." Said the pigeon. "Agreed." Said the prince But suddendly behind his back came the duck and shredded him into tiny sexy loki bits. :( After a day or two the princess came looking for him and found him by the lake. She gathered his parts and put him back toghter again using the following formula: Formula for SEXY: Everything but his heart was there.
INSTEAD, PRINCESS PARKER REPLACED HIS HEART WITH MORE SEXY. The princess called Loki's friends to celebrate his comming back to life....
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