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Prince Edward Island Report

Ben Greene

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of PEI

Spud Island Prince Edward Island Movement Transportation on PEI is by cars, taxis, shuttle vans , boats and planes. Interaction Environment Region PEI is in the Atlantic Maritime Ecozone. And it's two time zones ahead of us so they are about two hours ahead. Bibliography Place People get around by roads and highways and water. Ferries take visitors and residents to and from Nova Scotia to PEI. In 1997 the 13km Confederation Bridge was finished costing $1B.It connects PEI to New Brunswick. PEI has short summers and long
winters which means a short harvest time. (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr copy paste branches if you need more.... This large island that sits in the gulf of the St. Lawrence has red soil high in iron, great for growing fruits and vegetables, especially potatoes. PEI has gentle rolling hills and very red fertile soil, excellent for farming. PEI is one of the maritime provinces , located on the eastern border of Canada, near Nova Scotia. PEI nature PEI has a population of about 140 000,mostly European, with 38% of Scottish descent. PEI people PEI pics PEI video Trade Seafood Potatoes Tourism Transportation Systems Human Movement (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Survival PEI used to be big for ship building and forestry, but couldn't keep up with building steel ships because it didn't have the technology or the resources to build steel ships.
Forestry died down because all the valuable trees got used up.

Now it's big for tourism , potatoes, seafood and other crops. Erosion PEI is slowly shrinking because of erosion. Erosion is when land shrinks when water splashes against anything on the coast, like beaches. PEI gets smaller by 1 meter a year. People in PEI sometimes build their houses on stilts to help save them from erosion. Opinions Environmentalist Politicians Other people Farming Tourism Fishing All three industries need healthy environment where crops flourish, shellfish thrive and amazing visitor scenery. Go Greene! Land Use Policy:
to protect wildlife,
nature and against soil
erosion. People in PEI would think that it is beautiful and that it's the Garden Province,because it's their own province. This is Confederation House, this is where
Canada was made a country.Where important
people in Canada during 1864 discussed the dream of a nation from the Pacific to the Atlantic.Which is now Canada. This is me and my mom in the Confederation house.
The gold thing in the background is the PEI mace.
The PEI mace is basically like a sceptor. PEI is the home of
Confederation. Climate Landforms This crescent shaped island is characterized by gently rolling hills. Sediment formed the red sandstone on the Island deposited between 250 and 300 million years ago. White sandy beaches on the northern shores and red sandstone on the south. Rich red soil makes the Island an ideal place for mixed farming. The redness of the soil is due to its high iron-oxide (rust) content. Animals Red-haired ladies at the red shores! 47 degrees west 63 degrees north Plants PEI's official tree is the red oak and the official flower is the Lady Slipper. In PEI ,picking Lady Slippers is illegal. PEI has over 1300 species. PEI has many native creatures, like this one: an Atlantic Puffin. And like this cute and cuddly
redfox.Another native animal
to PEI, perfect for cuddling. .P.S Bad idea Political Region Landforms Urban and Rural Ecozone Prince Edward Island is governed by a parliamentary government within the construct of constitutional monarchy. Clifford J. Lee is the mayor of Charottown, PEI tourismpei.com
www.gov.pei.ca Prince Edward Island is the smallest of the Canadian provinces. The Island is only 224 km (139 miles) long and between 6 km and 64 km (four and 40 miles) wide. Its terrain can be characterized as gently rolling hills. White sandy beaches are mostly along the northern shores while red sandstone cliffs edge its southern exposure. PEI is urban and rural because
it has cities and towns but also has countryside and fields. Urban Rural
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