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Education Abroad Western Preview & SummerStart

Information Session

WWU Education Abroad

on 29 June 2018

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Transcript of Education Abroad Western Preview & SummerStart

Education Abroad
Mission Statement

Explore the World of Learning Opportunities
Education Abroad serves the Western Washington University community to support meaningful educational opportunities abroad for all students, faculty and staff.
Designed to give students a complete international experience in a host country
Education Abroad
Quarter, Semester, Academic Year, Calendar Year, Summer and Academic Break program options

Sophomore, Junior or Senior status

Concurrent Enrollment - Earn credit on WWU transcript

Apply courses to major, minor or as
electives towards graduation

Consider an International Studies

Financial Aid applies to program
Education Abroad
Study Abroad Programs
Traditional Study Abroad Programs
Global Learning Faculty-led Programs

Western Exchanges
International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

International Internships
EducatorsAbroad Student Teaching

Independent Study Abroad
International Education Options
Offer educational experiences for students with any level of foreign language experience to live and study in another country
Study Abroad Programs
Study with American students at a university or educational center
Highly structured with extensive on-site support services for students
Programs coordinate excursions, housing, and perks such as cell phones for students

Housing accommodations include on-campus residence, apartment, homestay, or other
Education Abroad works with faculty to develop and administer department sponsored study abroad programs that complement or augment their academic program
Global Learning Programs
Study French in Montreal (Canada)
Chinese Language & Culture (China)
Mediterranean Sustainable Planning Studio (Greece)
Building Cross-Cultural Connections (Guatemala)
Himalaya Culture & Ecology: Field Program (India)
Field Research and Service-Learning (Thailand, India)
From Text to Fresco: The Great Age of Art (Italy)
Ecogastronomy Intensive (Italy)
Art/Art History (Japan)
Field Studies and Collaborative International Service-Learning (Kenya, Rwanda)
Tropical Marine Biology (Mexico)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages & ELL Methods (Mexico)
Require a high degree of independence and in most cases, advanced ability in the language of the host country
Fully integrated into university classes
More than 100 study sites in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the South Pacific
Western's in state rates paid for tuition, housing and food; plus operating costs and placement fees
Averages 10-15 students per year
Pay Western's in-state rates for tuition
Pay host institution rates for housing, food and other fees
Averages two students per site per year
Western Exchanges
Universities in:
Australia, Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan and United Kingdom
Integrate academic credit with on-the-job experience
Gain valuable skills while working towards a degree
EducatorsAbroad Student Teaching program allows students to complete their student teaching requirements abroad
This year Education Abroad sent over 700 students abroad to over 50 different countries
International Education Statistics
Top Countries:
Top Majors:
Foreign Languages
Business Management
Physical Sciences
Fine Arts
WWU Education Abroad Student Academic Requirements:
Minimum 2.5 Cumulative GPA
Good Academic Standing
Sophomore status prior to departure
Full time enrollment at WWU for at least one quarter prior to departure
Registered at WWU while abroad and maintain student status

Earn WWU credit that can be applied towards major, minor or electives towards graduation
Concurrent Enrollment
Note: Requirements may vary for the host institution, program or internship

No need to re-apply to WWU upon return from abroad
Financial Aid can apply

Work Study, Western grants and Tuition Waivers, including the Western Achievement award (WAA) scholarship, the Western Award for Excellence (WAE) scholarship and the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) scholarship do not apply
Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) funds may be applied to Exchanges and some applicable programs
Scholarships are available
WWU Study Abroad Scholarships
Program Affiliate Scholarships
Other Scholarships
1. Visit Education Abroad, attend an Abroad 101 session

2. Narrow your options

3. Find out about costs

4. Inform yourself

5. Apply to the program and to the Education Abroad office by the deadlines
5 Easy Steps to Study Abroad
Come Visit Us!

Miller Hall 208
Phone: 360-650-3298
Email: EdAbroad@wwu.edu
Allows students to explore new areas of study, to deepen study or to undertake applied work in areas that are not readily available in the curriculum at WWU
Independent Study Abroad
A complement to traditional methods of instruction & learning

Allows students to pursue individual academic interests at their own pace
Faculty members sponsor and monitor these projects and help students develop resources necessary to complete them
Tip: You can get ahead with credits when studying abroad on a fall semester program!

Proudly display your Host Country flag at Graduation!
Purchase an international flag sash for graduation. The sash displays the colors of the flag of your host country and is worn over your graduation gown. A great way to proudly display your education abroad experience!
Western ABROAD Blogs
Check out our Photo & Video contests, our student blogs and Travel Writing Program!
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