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Sydney Water Sewerage Treatment

No description

Harry Blatchford

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Sydney Water Sewerage Treatment

Sydney Water
Sewerage Primary Secondary Teritary Introduction When waste water first arrives at
the treatment plant it goes through
the primary treatment stage.
Once the water enters the plant, the
first step is screening. This process
traps things like cloth, vegetable
matter and plastic. The way we interact with water has
changed over time.
As the population increases, we can't
rely on the natural water cycle for water,
or to transport and treat the water.
Thats why we created the managed
water cycle. Once the water has paseed through the primary treatment stage, it then goes through secondary.
The Secondary Treatment Stage removes nutrients and solids through bacterial decomposition. Teritary is the final stage in sewerage treatment.
This stage removes the remaining inorganic compounds.
Bacteria, viruses and parasites are also removed in this stage. By Harry
7B There are three ways in which water is treated... 1 2 3 An empty sedimentation tank that is used in the primary treatment stage. A secondary sedimentation tank used in the secondary treatment stage A sewerage treatment plant The End
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