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Role of women in Nazi Germany

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jin jordan

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Role of women in Nazi Germany

Adolf Hitler believed that German women could best serve their nation by being good wives and mothers as well as by bearing children.
Although some of these girls might have received a political education, it was only for the purpose of indoctrination so that they could manage women's affairs according to the Party line
Women were also discouraged from pursuing university studies, and all women's associations were banned. Instead, the Nazis made young German girls undergo vigorous training in domestic tasks through activities such as farming and sports.
Women could also join the Nazi Party, but only if they were seen to be able to contribute to the Nazi party, such as being nurses or cooks.
Role of Women in Germany
Other German women, in their admiration for Hitler, saw this as an opportunity to establish a firm identity for themselves, which they never enjoyed even under the Weimar Government
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