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Zlata's Diary : A Childs Life in Wartime Sarajevo

No description

Kyle Sy

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Zlata's Diary : A Childs Life in Wartime Sarajevo

Zlata's Diary : A Child's Life in Wartime Sarajevo
(This made by Kyle Sy)

Whats the book about?
Zlata Filipovic is just your normal 10 year old girl at the start of her well done diary. Oh wait, I forgot to mention she is going through a war. All throughout the book Zlata was able to write many details about her so-called ruined childhood which is not an exaggeration. She was affected by the Bosnian War during 1991 to 1993. At first everything is nice and calm, but then Srdjan who lives in Dubrovnik, faces problems when an outbreak of violence occurs. Zlata is glad that their hometown of Sarajevo is safe. Ironically, soon in March 1992, mayhem explodes into Sarajevo and Zlata's breath-taking adventure begins!
Important Thing Learned #1
What War is REALLY Like!

This book has taught me what war is actually like. When common people like me, think of war, of course they think about death and how the people will survive. Zlata's diary taught me that there is more to it than just being alive. Zlata's diary taught me that even if chaos itself is outside your front door, staying alive is different from being alive. Huh? You my think they are the same, just as I once thought. Staying alive is physical and tangible information. Being alive is much different. Zlata taught me this. Although gunshots were heard everyday, Zlata and her neighborhood community still taught the children. During war, school was a priority. This also taught me that kids will be kids even during war. Children still had birthday parties and had friend visits. Zlata even had piano lessons! Throughout the raging war, the people were not only able to stay alive, but they were able to keep their humanity and per-say be alive.
Important Thing Learned #2
Don't Take Things for Granted!
Zlata's Diary taught me that you shouldn't take things for granted. When you go home, you wonder what food your gonna eat. Well, in most places in the world the more reasonable question would be if you were gonna eat. During the Bosnia war, food and water became scarce and people began thinking it was more of a want. Luckilly, Zlata had friends and relatives who sent them well needed food and other necessities. Most things that children and adults don't prefer to do are taken for granted. When your staying up typing an essay, you think its boring and useless. Think about it in a deeper way. You have a computer. In fact you have a good education , school. In Zlata's Diary they struggled to keep school going while here we are wishing we were doing something else. Adults too. When they work, it isn't their most preferred thing to do. In Zlata's Diary some teachers were fired, because not enough students could go. The used-to-be employees were then left jobless. Hence NO money. To make this even worse, since a war was happening food prices were very expensive. It really does take a life altering event to cause an epiphany that things shouldn't be taken for granted.
Important Thing #3
The Importance of Perseverance!
Zlata's Diary taught me the truth of perseverance. I believe that nobody will be able to fully comprehend the subject of perseverance unless and event like Zlatas occurs. Although something like that will likely and hopefully never happen to me, Zlata's Diary was able to give me a broader understanding. At first. when I thought of perseverance, I thought of sacrificing oneself and other mainstream ideas. Zlata's Diary showed me that perseverance can be truthful and loyal to ones vows. Zlata couldv;e stopped writing in her diary, but she didn't. She kept to her regular duty of writing about her life even though their were seemingly more beneficial ways to spend her time. Eventually her diary was the ticket for her and her family out of Sarajevo and into Paris. Perseverance can be also showed and done for anything and everything. Zlata and her friends that left Sarajevo earlier were persistent and were able to keep their friendship even across a long distance. Zlata also showed perseverance by not giving up. She found so-called life and happiness where others did not. She didn't ust wait for the war to end and rot. She got up and did her best to maintain her childhood. Zlata is perseverance 100%.
Authors Purpose
Is War for the Best or the Worst?
The author wants readers to side with the opinion that war is for the worst in the question " is war for the best or the worst?' The book is about the life of an innocent bystander affected by the wrath of an ongoing war. She has to go through thick and thin to survive when she did nothing wrong. Lets look at the other side of the question. Why is war for the best? Well, the winning side gets land,money,power, peace to its people and many other things. Although, in a war there is always a side that wins and another that doesn't do so hot. Does war's good side over weigh its bad side or just the opposite? You decide, after all its what the author wants you to think about.
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