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The Mystery Of The Mary Celeste

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 10 May 2017

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Transcript of The Mystery Of The Mary Celeste

What Is The Mystery?
On board on a ship were Benjamin S. Briggs, his family, and eight other crew members set to sail but two months later, a passing British spotted the Mary Celeste at full sail and adrift about 400 miles east of the Azores, with no sign of the captain, his family, or any of the crew but was filled with cargo. The ship was undamaged.
When & Where Did It Take Place?
On November 7, 1872, the Mary Celeste set sail from New York Harbor on it's way to Genoa, Italy. On December 5, the ship was found.
What Are Different Viewpoints?
Theories over the years have ranged from rebellion or pirate attacks to assault of a giant octopus or sea monster. Scientists think there was an explosion.
What Do You Think?
We think that the Mary Celeste was found without any passengers because Pirates might have taken them.
The Mystery Of The Mary Celeste
By Anais & Andrea

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