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Helen jill

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Iron

IRON!!!!(FE) Their physical properties IRON How Iron Is Used Now Iron is an important element that are body needs.
Wrought iron is used in outdoor furniture and decorative fence and gates.
Cast iron can make pans and pots.
Iron has a magnetic property so it can be used as magnets
Iron can be combined with steel to make alloyed steel which can be used for framework of buildings and bridges.
Iron can be used in many other ways...... Atomic number
(number of electrons and protons) Fun Facts Back then, iron was rare and iron accessories and utensils were counted as jewelry.
Iron comes from the Angelo-Saxon word "iron" and the Scandinavian word "iarn" for metal.
It is 5.6% of the earth's crust and is almost all of the core.
The sun and other stars have iron
Indians built the Pillar of Delhi and has stood up for over 1,600 years and has not been affected by rust!
It's name/symbol comes from the Latin name ferrum.
It is a soft metal in pure form. Picture of iron DISCOVERING..... Iron is kind of silvery and grayish
It's a metal
It's ductile(can be pulled into a long string) and malleable(flattened)
Iron can be stretched very long without breaking
Iron has workability, it can cut, bend, roll, shape, form, etc...... Chemical Properties Iron MELTING AND BOILING POINT Melting point: 1,538 degrees Celsius
2,800 degrees Fahrenheit
1,811 degrees Kelvin

Boiling point: 2,862 degrees Celsius
5,182 degrees Fahrenheit
3,134 degrees Kelvin The History of Iron Iron was discovered sometime before 5000 b.c. But people started using iron after 2000 b.c. since it was hard to craft. People in Africa in the Caucasus regions or people in West Asia called the Hittites (not sure which is right. websites say different stuff) started crafting iron into tools and weapons, replacing the bronze age with the iron age.
The Hittites kept their secret for 400 years until the Dark ages came and the Hittites empire fell apart around 1100 b.c. Then, everyone in the Mediterranean knew about it and started to use iron.
When India was invaded, the invaders brought the knowledge of iron with them and it traveled to India from 700-600 b.c. In 300 A.D., everyone in West Africa and East Africa knew the secret of iron. Iron on the periodic table Symbol Name Atomic mass not on here: group 8,period 4, and group d
it is a solid video from HOW ITS MADE- good on how to make stuff like crayan, iron,candy, etc..... Iron will rust when touching oxygen from humid air
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