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Connor Williams

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Connor Williams

Connor Williams
No Where to Call Home
BY: Cynthia Defelice
Hopping the Train
Frances is told by some of the servants that people that are losing all of there money are hopping trains to find work, the workers want her to go to her aunts house in Chicago, Frances had different ideas and cashed in her train ticket and got some warm clothes and hopped a freight, where she meets an unlikely person
Meeting Stewpot
While on the train playing her harmonica she meets a boy in the darkness named stew pot, but in order
to help get work she
must look like a boy,
she cuts hair, how
will she keep stewpot
around with out giving
herself up?
Becoming A Boy
At the time girls had a much harder time hopping and riding trains, they were not allowed to do most work to get money while away from home, so Francis takes on a role as a boy, to become more accepted and to get work.
loosing possessions
While hopping the trains, Stewpot finds some old friends, they decide to have a meal out of the food they worked for, and also the stolen foods friends got.
They have the meal and sleep when Francis wakes up she cant find her bag with all her items from home, they find the bag but items are missing and some of Stewpots friends are gone with them
Loosing Dad
In chapter one, Frances is awaken by a loud sound she gets out of bed to investigate when she is confronted by some of the servants, her fathers business went bankrupt due to the great depression, he committed suicide, leaving his daughter Frances with nothing
BY: Connor Williams
Story of Frances Burrow and her story of loosing everything including her father and must resort to jumping the trains to keep her life going.
Telling pasts
in this chapter Frankie learns about signs boes leave for each other, some tell of this is a good place to get easy food.
Frankie and Stewpot also tell of each others pasts, like there real names and Frankie reveals that she is a girl.
Stewpot already knew.
Frankie and Stewpot are hopping the train, and get caught by the police and are sent to the local jail where they stay there and later sent back to where they came from,
they also go to see the smokey mountains like stewpot has always wanted to do
Stewpot sickness is worrying Francis
Stewpot becomes more sick and needs to get medical attention and fast. they are in a hooverville and stewpot cant walk he later dies and is buried.
Francis is now forced to go to chicago to live with her aunt
Buying a knife
Stewpot tells Francis that no boe shouldn't have a knife so they go to a pawn shop where they select a knife, in the process stewpot teaches Francis about bargaining and gets the knife for a much cheaper price.
Francis notices stewpot is coughing a lot dosent think of it much
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