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Hoover Responds to the Depression

No description

TwoWords BadWolf

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Hoover Responds to the Depression

Section 3:
Hoover Responds to the Depression Essential Question:
How did Hoover's policies attempt to lessen the Great Depression? Promoting Recovery -Make rational decisions
-Tried to remain positive
-Conferneces and pledges to keep businesses open, but failed
-Increased spending for public works or government financed building projects
-Created some new jobs, but would only create enough if government increased spending which Hoover refused to do
-Americans were blaming the Republicans for the state of the economy Trying to Recover the Banks -Expand the money supply
-National Credit Corporation is created but fails to meet nation's needs
-Reconstruction Finance Corporation is established to make loans to banks, but it failed to increase lending sufficiently to meet the need and the economy continued to decline Direct Help for Citizens -Hoover strongly opposed the federal government's participation in relief or money given directly to the impoverished
-He believed it was state, local, and private charaties job to take care of the people, but these resources were running out of money Hunger Marches and Protests by Farmers -Looting grocery stores
-"Feed the hungry, tax the rich"
-Foreclosure on farms
-Trying anything to survive The Bonus Marchers -the "Bonus Army" were veterans wanting their $1000 bonuses
-15,000 members
-Hoover refused to meet with them
-the members were staying in Hoovervilles or in vacant buildings
-Hoover ordered the buildings to be cleared
-An officer fired into the crowd and killed 2 veterans
-The army was called in under Gen. McArthur
-Cavalry, infantry, and tanks sent to clear buildings
-Army driving out unarmed veterans, some used teargas and burned the sheds
-This futher tarnished Hoover's reputation
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