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My biography report on: Barack Obama.

No description

Germaine Simmons

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of My biography report on: Barack Obama.

The way Barack Obama became the 44 and 45 President. Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961. He wsas born in Honolulu, Hawaii.Barack Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunman Soctoro were his parents. He had been the first child of of this couple and was a blessing to have by the two loving parents. Obama's birth story. When Barack first started elementary school at Noelani Elementary School he was the only African American at his school. He was one of those kids who didn't like school as a child. Barack's Childhood as A KId. Barack Obama's Highschool Year. Baracks Collage Exsperience After high school Barack went to study at an Occidental Collage in Los Angelas for 2 years. After the first 2 years at the Occidental College, he transferred to Columbia University in New York. After the few years he went there he graduated with a Bachelor's degree of Arts in 1993. Barack had many difficulties to becoming the President. First he had to make speeches to impress the people in the world so he could become president. Next he had to think of people before his self so he could interest them. For example he allows same gender marriages. So that is a reason he won Nevada in the electoral votes because there are a lot of people who are that type. Also he had to find stratigies to help him win and become the 44 and 45 president of the United States of America. But after his second term he is going to be remebered as one of the greates. Barack Obama's Life Plan. Barack had some of the best times in high school. His first year of high school he tried out for the basketball team. When he found out he made the team he noticed he was still the only African American on the team,but he wasn't the only African American out of the whole school. During the basketball season he averaged 12.6 points a game. But other than basketball he had times were he found it easier to learn and it helped him become an A, B student. Also at times his English teacher would make him teach and make him present his oral presentation in front of the class because she knew that could help him face that fear. Now every time he talks to a group of people in his mind he thanks his English teacher for that. The time Barack Met Michelle and had his Two girls. In June of 1989 Barack was was at Harvard University getting his books and saw the prettiest women in his life. He had went up to her and asked her what her name was. She told him her name and said " my name is Barack Obama and can I tell you your the prettiest women I've ever laid eyes on''. Then she smiled back at him and they became study partners at Harvard and eventually started dating. Then on October 3, 1992 they go married. As the years went on always were together. But on July 4, 1998 Malia Obama was born. then 3 years later Sasha Obama was born on June 8, 2001. Malia is currently 14, Sasha is currently 11, Michelle is currently 48, and Barack is currently 51.
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