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once upon a time there was a nice big park full of flowers

No description

Ewa Pitcher

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of once upon a time there was a nice big park full of flowers

The people who visited the park used to go near rose. Soon summer came, the people who came to the park were going to the Neem Tree, and getting shade, fruits and resting near it.
So, the rose got angry and started telling bad words to Neem then , The Banana Tree said: "Stop it!Don't you know Neem is such a nice, huge tree and gives people shade, fruits, wood, vegetables etc..?"
The rose always said bad things to the Neem . The things like: "You ugly, old, stupid tree." So, Neem used to feel bad.
All the flowers liked her very much.There lived an old Neem Tree and it had a friend called Banana Tree.
The Jelous Rose
Then the rose felt sorry for Neem, Finally they lived very happily ever after.
Once upon a time there was a nice, big park full of flowers. One day a beautiful rose entered the park.
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