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No description

tiffany lo

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of textiles

unique Beautiful Theme of , from someone who has and is able to manipulate
insignificant things to create something and Fairy tales nothing simple, Beautiful Unique... Freedom Design philosophy The line’s design philosophy is “freedom”, to have creative freedom
with no restrictions to your imagination. Inspiration... age: 13-30 contact us at: www.stitchbystitch.com.au
stitchbystitch@au.com Fibers and weaves In this picture I am experimenting with drape, because of the way my fabric falls I am able to conclude and decide on which types of fabrics to use. By using woven fabric I am able to get a better affect, and in the end use the concept of using drape throughout the dress allows a flattering design as well as flexibility. In this experiment I am comparing the color scheme, I am pleased with the result as differing shades of brown, pink and white works very well and also corresponds with my theme. The choice of chiffon, satin and cotton has worked well to my advantage as it has both functional and aesthetic properties. I have incorporated this into my final design. Experiment.. In my final item I have incorporated many elements to achieve my desired result. the colour scheme I have chosen is brown, pink, and white, in doing so, I have worked it in a loose sense from light to dark, starting with white, then to a bold splash of pink and then finally to two shades of brow before ending with black in the rolled hems. Colour- the shape of the dress itself is flattering, and slightly curvy, aiming to enhance the hourglass figure, or at least, elude such a body shape. Starting at the top, rounding in below the bust and flaring out subtly at the hips, this dress is designed in such a way that it is comfortable with a hit of ironically rough elegance. Shape- in this item I have incorporated cotton, chiffon, satin and knit polyester. The cotton creates an earthy look that wraps around the bust, the pink chiffon is attached and is tied below the bust to flatter your figure, the pink chiffon adds a sense of elegance and ties in with my theme of fairy tales, from someone who has nothing and is able to manipulate simple, insignificant things to create something beautiful and unique. Next, comes the integrated drape of brown chiffon and satin, these two textures complement each other well and brings out another unique feature to the dress. Fabric choice and texture- Made in china poleyester chiffon
poleyester satin
cotton Size 12 Machine washable
Wash in warm water
Do NOT iron
do NOT machine dry Ethical and Enviromental aesthetic puropse white, cotton, elasticity
functional purpose functional purpose,
tied, pink poleyester chiffon sherdded ripped fabric,
rolled hems, rough, natural design poleyester satin & chiffon,
two shades of brown drape retain shape white cotton, stretch pink tied,
poleyester chiffon elegent, tight wrap, two shades white, poleyester knit
comfort strappless tied pink, ciffon, suport
functional two shades,
ripped rough layered, hemmed white underlayer 1.2 m 59cm straight grain 21cm 12cm 9cm 92cm 40cm sewed with an allowance for a functional feature: chord allows accessibility and comfort tied at back, functional,
hold straucture,
maintains shape - meausrement all the way around in a loop 120cm 59cm A 89cm 12cm B C 80cm pink, chiffon
ployester white poleyester, knit D E G 30cm 40cm 35cm white cotton, knit straight grain 42cm F H I K 30cm 40cm 35cm 42cm J H, I, J, & K Poleyester satin, brown, ripped, rolled hem chord 1m Construction Plan 1





7 Take peice A and pin it right side to right side on peice B after gathering the longer material of peice A in proportion to piece B. Pin with a 1cm seam allowance. sew straight allong the pinned line Next, overlock the wrong sides of the fabric together before sewing with a 1cm seam allowance. Roll the hem of the uneven side of peice C before sewing the straght side on the line between peice A and B on the front side, start a quarter way along the pink and at the side of your main peice until youe reach the other side of your main peic and have a quarter lenght of peice C left, let the two equal sides hang loose. Now, arrange your peices D, E, F, G, H, I, J and K in a random scattered order, roll each of their individual edges and pin to ther main peice in a layering fasion, be sure not to reveal and sewing lines, you may use additional fabric if required Fold down about 2cm of peice A at the top, inwards before pining at the edge, straight stitch at the edge of peice A. cut a whole n the middle of the back of your newly created tunnel, thread through your chord Tie the cord and peice C at the back of your dress The end L Construction plan
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