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Video Review

ECI 514 Fall, 2012

Miko Yang

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Video Review

Ordering Food Video in a Chinese as a Foreign Language CLass Video Review How did the developer/creator of the video impact your selection and the video's overall educational value? How can the video be used to support and/or enhance student learning What this video affords/offers that other learning material (e.g. readings/text/images) do not? What are the drawbacks or limitations of the video? Please click http://edu.chinese.cn/Edu/zh-CN/easy_chinese/article/2012-3/48.html
to view the video I used this video this semester to teach my students how to order food in Chinese. I wanted to find a funny video with useful phrases to have my students experience the interaction between a waiter and a customer, and this video was exactly what I was looking for. The plot and the scene in the video is very funny, so my students can learn the vocabulary and phrases they need to know in a relax and comfortable environment. I used this video in FLC 203 class. The students in that class are undergraduate students from different majors in NCSU. They have learned Chinese for more than one year and in intermediate level. Since I did not use it in a K-12 classroom, CCSS may not suitable for the learning outcomes. After finishing that class, the students are expected to be able to order food in Chinese. The purpose of playing this video are 1) motivating learners; 2) getting their attention; 3) learning some useful vocabulary and phrases such as "waiter/waitress", "menu", "spicy" etc. After watching this video, I taught students the new words in the video and introduce some other useful vocabularies. Then students did a role-play to practice what they learned. The video shows us a funny story about ordering food in a restaurant. By watching it, students can visually feel the interaction between the waitress and the customer, and have fun with their interaction and conversation. I think that is the biggest benefits that this video brings to learners. A text writing about this story or just some pictures cannot create such a engaging atmosphere. The only limitation of this video I can see now is that maybe it would be better if the video shows more interaction and conversation, so students can learn more useful words and phrases about ordering food.

And this video really have already done a good job on arousing students' interests and attention.
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