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Puerto Rico

Life, History and Tradition of Puerto Rico

Sadia Rashid

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Puerto Rico

la Bandera
It has red stripes and a blue triangle (with a white star) on the left side of the flag.
The colours chosen are the opposite of the Cuban flag.
Country Currency
• Puerto Rican Peso/US dollar

1 Peso (US Dollar) = 1.13 Canadian Dollars
Symbol in Puerto Rico: ¤
Literacy Rate
Idioma Oficial
Tanto Puerto Rico Español e Inglés son los idiomas oficiales de Puerto Rico , pero el español es más común
¿Dónde está Puerto Rico ?
Puerto Rico se encuentra en el Océano Atlántico junto a Cuba y la República Dominicana
Puerto Rico Tour Video
Puerto Rico
Tourist Attractions
Castillo San Felipe del Morro
Puerto Rico
Gracias por escuchar!
About 3 615 086 inhabitants as of 2013
It is a six-story fortress that was built around the years of 1539 and 1589.
Famous because of the view it provides towards the Atlantic Ocean.
Castillo de San Cristóbal
This port was built by Spain in order to prevent any land attacks on San Juan.
It protected 27 acres of land
There is a high point in this port which gives a view of the city
An uninhabited island that is a part of the Puerto Rican archipelago.
This island is only available by taking a private boat from the main island.
There are a total of six beaches.

Museum of Art of Puerto Rico
This museum is 130 000 square feet (from the 1920s) which was formerly known as the San Juan Municipal Hospital.
It was built by William Shimmelphening.
Pre-Colonial History
History: Colonial
Spain ruled Puerto Rico as a colony for about 405 years.
Spanish-American War of 1898 took place
A referendum in November 1993 took place. The Commonwealth Formula won the vote.
19th century
Cultural Celebrations
Each region or city has their own official Saint, and the celebration for that Saint varies from city to city.

EL Dia De San Juan Bautristata:
At midnight people walk backwads towards the ocean in the beaches.

The International Film Festival

where more than 100 films are presented each year. When Christmas begins, people celebrate traditional

The Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian
is another kind of festival for specified Saints.

Sugar, coffee and tobacco were the main crops.
The inhabitants decided to fight for their independence as well as end slavery
Current News
Tourism plays a great role of Puerto Rico’s economy.
Violence, crime, drugs and AIDS
To this day, Puerto Rico stays in association with the United Sates
The type of music in Puerto Rico is Folk Music, Bomba, Plena and most common is Salsa music .
An instrument that they use in folk music is the
which is a string instrument.
Bomba music is a type of African music.
The instruments used would be drums and
Maracas .
Instruments they use in Plena Music are the
, Cuatro and

GDP per capita
The GDP per capita is $27,795.31 USD
The settlement of Puerto Rico began with the Ortiroid people in 3000 to 2000 BC. The Taino culture has also been traced in Puerto Rico.
There were 30 to 60 thousand Tainos who lived by fishing, hunting and gathering fruits
It is when the Spanish arrived that the people of Puerto Rico wiped out as they have brought several diseases from Europe
Traditional Clothing
The guayabera is a well-known garment from Puerto Rico.
A traditional dress of Puerto Rico is the Jibaro dress. The Jibaro men wear straw hats while the women wear a flower bonnet.
Males 93.9 %
Females 94.4 %

Pre-school before High school is compulsory
Blend of Spanish, African, Taino and American food
-a gumbo made with shellfish or chicken
Many Puerto Rican desserts are made from fruit harvested in their farms.
A traditional dessert of Puerto Rico is guava jelly with queso blanco, white cheese
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Sadia Rashid y Nabilah Rouf
Do you want to visit Puerto Rico?
Family Life
It is tradition that the family has to provide emotional and economic support as well as protection to each and every family member
It is thought that one must stay with their family until marriage
Grandparents are not usually sent to nursing facilities. They stay with the family and take part of community activities
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