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The Battle of Chernobyl

No description

Victoria Abadillos

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of The Battle of Chernobyl

The Battle of Chernobyl
By Sarah, Melissa, and Victoria
The Chernobyl Nuclear Powerplant
- Pripyat, Ukraine
-made up of four Russian made RBMK-1000 water-cooled graphite moderated reactors
- designed to make plutonium for nuclear weapons and modified to also produce electricity
- within the reactor core of a RBMK, nuclear fuel is placed in long separate vertical channels surrounded by graphite

The Effects of Radiation
Our Thoughts
- we realized our lack of knowledge on this subject and only how little we knew about the effects of radiation
- astonished by the lack of compensation
- government corruption

- Construction of Nuclear Power Plant begins in Chernobyl
- all reactors are completed and operational
April 25 - Test is scheduled for Reactor 4
April 26 - 1:23 am Explosion
April 27 - 10:00 buses arrive
April 26-28 - Radioactive clouds travel across Europe
April 28 - Helicopters begin to drop sand on Reactor
May 1 - Wind shifts towards Kiev
May 2- 30 km radius evacuated, radioactive air spreads farther across Europe
May 5 - Fear of another Explosion
May 5-7 - Lead is dropped on reactor

May 11- Fear of Aquifer Contamination
May 12- Tunnel production
May 14- Televised Information on Chernobyl Disaster
Decontamination Begins
August- Sarcophagus production begins
September- Remove graphite from roof of Reactor Number 3
October- Sarcophagus complete
November- Reactors 1,2,3 are back running
Present Day
Timeline Continued
Radiation exposure is measured by Roentgen Equivalent Man(REM). According to EPA's Radiation Protection Program, most people receive about 3 tenths of a rem (300 mrem) every year from natural background sources of radiation
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