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Biotic Factors of the Amazon Rainforest

No description

Sachelle Duroseau

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Biotic Factors of the Amazon Rainforest

Biotic Factors of the Amazon Rainforest *Biotic :
Living organism. ~ An example of a biotic factor would be animals. ~ Also, plants. Red-eyed frog Toucan Spider Monkey Heliconia Water Lily Bibliography -
buzzle.com * Facts about the Amazon Rainforest: Largest rainforest in the world
important to the climate. large amounts of carbon.
many unique animals. * Live in holes of trees * Live in streams and rivers * Live in the high canopy of the rainforest. * birds reach by nectar * Can grow up to 6 ft long
Floats on lakes and rivers This Millipede can break down a log into soil. ~ Decomposers * The decomposers of the amazon rainforest
play an important role because
they break down dead plants/animals
into soil. * A decomposer is
an organism that breaks
down dead plants/animals
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