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Untitled Prezi

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Michael Cohen

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

With Design Thinking
Michael Cohen : @TheTechRabbi : #DTActionLab
"One professor offered me a job,
but lost funding on the project."
"Utilize community
and personal resources"
"School should play a more active role in employment"
"Hired as an intern"
"Worked hard"
"Pressure to provide for family"
"Will search for better jobs
while currently employed"
"Experiencing the interview process
can empower an individual"
"General Resources like school website job postings lacks personal connection"
out grow current job at a traditional
architecture firm, where he is successful but
doesn't have the same
freedom and expression
that Architecture School provides.

then he will achieve professional
satisfaction as well as truly loving his
work since the creative expression of
architecture can blossom in a more
progressive environment
Architecture Design Student(Sci-Arc)
26 year old, Male
Focus on creative design in addition to
function. Specializes in eco-friendly
architecture, and is apart of a team
competing in a nationwide contest to
build the best solar powered home.
Community and social
networks can be better
options that Job Sites
and School support
when looking for employment.

Do not settle for a job, but instead actively look for new opportunities.

& Define

"Traditional Architecture firms limit
design creativity."
Professors can give advice but
cannot give your a job."
"Working as a "free" consultant can help you get into a company."
"Artistic Freedom is more important
than making lots of money."
"Schools need to work more
at bringing hiring scouts."
"I want to love what I do."
"Frustrated being
limited in creativity on projects."
"Settling on a job
because of money."
"Worried about the future job market"
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