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GEUC4011V - Parkour


Jimmy Chan

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of GEUC4011V - Parkour

Literature review Research questions
Why we care
Background of Parkour Section 1 - Introduction Chan Tsz Fung Jimmy - IFA/4
Leung Mun Chee - JLM/3
Wong Kam Sin Cherry - QFN/4
Yiu Fung Yee - GRM/3 GEUC4011V Senior Seminar Parkour? Why do Hong Kongers join Parkour?
What are the values of Parkour?
Do these values benefit the Hong Kong participants and how? Research Questions Extreme sports popular in western countries, but not in Hong Kong

--> Lack of understanding

Why Parkour, but not other?

--> Least popular, few research in Hong Kong focus on this sport Why we CARE? Park? Sport? Cuisine? City? Military obstacle course training

Move quickly and efficiently from one place to another, overcoming any obstables in between

Special names for players
Male: traceur; Female: traceuse Parkour background Type of freedom

A kind of expression

Only a state of mind Philosophy Prince of Persia: The Sands of time
Bodyguards & Assassins
Casino Royale
Die Hard 4.0
Banlieue 13
Banlieue 13 – Ultimatum Movies Hong Kong Parkour Association (official)
Traceur Hong Kong Parkour Organization France
David Belle
Promote the sport
Parkour’s recognition & popularity increase History of Parkour Mirror’s Edge
Prince of Persia
Tomb Raider
Splinter Cell
Brink Video Games Section 4 - Summary Conclusion
Further Discussion Why do Hong Kongers join Parkour? Self challenge/Self cultivation, Creativity, Perseverance ...

Many positive effects in daily life Do Parkour's values benefit the Hong Kong participants and how? Problems:
Lacking of support (funding and facility),
Not well-known or accepted

Action can be taken by:
You and Me, HKPA, Hong Kong Federation of Extreme Sports, Mass media, Government

A good chance for us to review our life in Hong Kong Recommendations Conclusions Message: Parkour is a valuable sport.
What have we learnt from the project:
1. Be open-minded to all sports
2. Interview skills: learn and adapt to interviewees’ language Snowball Sampling
positive: increase the efficiency
negative: biased, varied and inaccurate results

Sample size of questionnaire:
No. of response: actual (67); planned (100)
HKPA has regular practices but the other two are inactive. Limitations Section 2 - Preview Hong Kong Parkour participants are benefited from the values of Parkour Hypothesis Why do Hong Kongers join Parkour?
What are the values of Parkour?
Do these values benefit the Hong Kong participants and how? (Shalom Schwartz,1996) (Robert C. Priddy,1999) “Values, even more than observable facts, are keys to understanding the reality behind the scene outwardly presented by human behavior. Motives and purposes are value determinations. ” - should be viewed as an integrated whole
--> ∵may have little impact on behavior if no value conflict
--> should be some trade-offs among competing values What is value?
The element which affects behavior
-->Varies among different people for same item depending upon time, space and the use (David T. Wilson & Swati Jantrania , 1994)

--> affected by types of motivation (Shalom Schwartz,2006)
  Two properties of value --> priority
∵--> differences in attitudes, behavior & background variables, individual difference in value priorities Differentiated Hierarchical order What is /are value(s) of Parkour? Physical aspect Strength-building (Y IH aiyong, 2010; Peter Bell, 2012) Mental aspect Creative (HKPA,2010)
Confident (Peter Bell,2012)
Strong mind Environment Non-competitive (PKPH, 2007; HKPA, 2010) Any question? Thank you very much!

Vielen Dank! Section 3 - Analysis Research Methodology
Analysis & Findings
Implications Target respondent:
All Parkour players who live in Hong Kong
(regardless of income, age, nationality, etc.)

Interviews (7 participants)

Questionnaires (with individual guidance)
(67 respondents, 2 refused) Research Methodology Research Methodology Snowball sampling
- Hong Kong Parkour Association
- Superadd
- Traceur


Venue: Lai Chi Kok Park
Date: 25/9/2012 & 2/10/2012

Population: around 150 (according HKPA) X
X Questionnaires
- Structured
- Individual guidance - increase validity of information
- Collect representative information

- Semi-structured, Rooms for open-ended
- Collect in-depth and specific information Research Methodology (Jerzy Smolicz, 1980; Shalom Schwartz, 2006) Wishes from Parkour players To study why Parkour players in Hong Kong are interested in joining the sport

To explore values of Parkour (from point of participants' view)

To study how Parkour players are benefited from the sport if there is any Objective Fast redistribution of body weight

Use of momentum

Absorption and redistribution of energy Technique Longer duration, fewer people
Same as other sports - people will drop out due to different reasons Exciting
Challenging, Stimulate self potential
Improve health
Recommended by friends

Others: Game, Movies Video information mostly conforms to survey results:

Influence by movies/TV shows/Youtube/Games
Friends' recommendation
Chic Why Hong Kongers join Parkour? Answer choices are from pretest and from suggestions in HKPA's website Self-challenge
Creativity Over 90% of respondents agree that they are positively affected by playing Parkour

Reasonable - Benefits drive people for engagement
Without benefits, people seldom invest time and efforts Employed a scale question ranging from 0 to 4
(0 - No impact, 4 - Very strong impact)
Emphasize on self-challenge rather than competing with others
Supportive to teammates Values and Benefits Know yourself, know your ability -> Self-recognition
Think of creative ways to overcome obstacles -> Creativity
Challenge yourself, push limit, expand horizon -> Self-challenge
Not compete with others, focus on yourself -> Non-competitive
Harsh practice, practice makes you succeed -> perseverance Video Summary Varied, but most agree on the following: Values Benefits Higher acceptance to different things
Perseverant in other parts of life
Creative/Multi-dimensional thinking
Learnt how to face difficulties/overcome obstacles
Focus on yourself, not to compete
Take more risks What are the values of Parkour? Do these values benefit the Hong Kong participants and how? Self-challenge Creativity Perseverance Non-
competitiveness Definitely, YES! Creative/Multi-
dimensional thinking Perseverant in other parts of life Helpful Focus on yourself,
not to compete Learnt to face difficulties Higher Acceptance to things Self-challenge Creativity Perseverance Non-
competitiveness Creative/Multi-
dimensional thinking Perseverant in other parts of life Helpful Focus on yourself,
not to compete Learnt to face difficulties Higher Acceptance to things Exciting
Influence by movies/TV shows/Youtube/Games
Friends' recommendation
Chic Implications Geyh, P. (2006), "Urban Free Flow: A Poetics of Parkour," M/C Journal, 9(3). Retrieved 28 Sep. 2012 from:

Hong Kong Parkour Association (2010), What is Parkour. Retrieved from:

Ilona E Gerling,Jan Witfeld & Alexander Pach (2011), The Ultimate Parkour & Freerunning: Discover Your Possibilities, pp. 1-313

"Le Parkour Sweden Simon Apell interview"
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_C4oCDAXsg) August 26, 2009 References Paul Gilchrist & Belinda Wheaton (2011): Lifestyle sport, public policy and youth engagement: examining the emergence of parkour, International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, 3:1, 109-131

"YouTube as a Performative Arena: How Swedish Youth are Negotiating Space, Community Membership, and Gender Identites through the Art of Parkour"
S. Faye Hendrick and Simon Lindgren from Umea University, Sweden

"Times Report - Hong Kong Parkour Sport"
(http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=TWN8wZuaTes&feature=related)
(http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=JFopOLP8oVo&feature=relmfu) Nov 7, 2009 Reference Further Exploration More questionnaires and analysis

Minimize effects of limitations

Reference as regional research
Full transcript