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Seven Decades of Honor

No description

Forever Media Johnstown

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Seven Decades of Honor

Seven Decades of Honor
Seven Decades of Honor
Each month on Froggy 95, 96 Key, Rocky 99, COOL 101, Hot 92, WNTJ and WLLI we will play interviews, stories and salutes about our WWII Veterans. The salutes will include special moments in history that mark the events that brought the most costly war in American history to a close in 1945.

We will also be producing a commemorative CD that will be made available for sale at various locations in the market with all the proceeds going to veterans charities in our area.

The CD will feature stories of local people that experienced life in our area during the war, interviews with WWII veterans taken from our on air vignettes.

Jim and Catherine Makin Married: 1943

Hometown: Portage PA

Jim served in the US Army in 1943-1945

European Theater of Operations (Germany/France)

Seven Decades of Honor
All proceeds from the sale of the CDs will be donated to the local Veterans Initiative Group, which works with veterans to find new jobs when they return to the area.
The interviews will also be available on our web sites.

Seven Decades of Honor
Businesses will be featured as title sponsors, interview sponsors and distribution sponsors to sell the CDs.
Along with the promotional mentions, anything that we post on any of our web-sites will include a logo of businesses that are a part of this campaign.

2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II

It has been said, the Veterans that fought in this war, are part of the Greatest Generation. This year, 2015, Forever Media Inc wants to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II by preserving the stories that have been shared by this great generation for decades to come. Through out the year, beginning in February, we will bring awareness to our listeners in the form of stories and interviews, not only of the WWII Veterans, but also the stories of what it was like to live and grow up during that time in our area. These are local heroes from Cambria, Indiana and Somerset Counties. These inspirational stories represent our history that we do not want to loose from a generation that gave so much. Join us as we salute those people that have provided us with Seven Decades of Honor.

Honoring WWII Veterans and their Families
Here is a sample of what will be on the CD…

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