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Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google

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Alejandro Mijares

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google

Not designed as a marketing platform
Began as a Defense project in 1950
Privatized by Congress in 1995
Privatization led to a dot-com bubble from 1997 to 2000
Facebook did try to achieve online glory, but…

Facebook did try to achieve online retailing glory, but…

Four Giants Trivia
Companies Facts
1 - Products
2 - Core Competencies
3 - Competitive Advantage
4 - Value Proposition
1 - Online Retailing, Web Services, Content consumption devices
2 - Online Retailing
3 - Logistics, Openess Culture, Collaborative filtering tool, Low Fixed cost, First mover, Back-end IT/Business Alignment
4 - Low prices for bulk purchases, free shipping for prime accounts, benefits for students
1 - Gift, Whatsapp, Instagram
2 - Social Networking
3 - Puts people at core, encourages interaction, buying power influenced by inner circle
4 - Reach beyond inner circle
1 - Google search, Gmail, YouTube, Android, Google maps, etc.
2 - Online search advertising
3 - Powerful search algorithm, sensible sales, Superior infrastructure
4 - Breaks down users into three segments, vast reach, ease of doing business, smooth integration of products
Online Retailing

Discuss how Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google compete with each other in advertising, search, and online retailing
Google has become the primary driver of their business and it is dominant in the advertising space
Apple has iAds on its mobile devices
Amazon has also used targeted ads to drive business back to its website
Facebook uses the habits and activities of its user base to sell targeted advertising
US Desktop searches were dominated by Google from 2009-2012 to the tune of 66%.
Mobile searches were almost all controlled by Google.
Apple competes in this area using Siri
Amazon and Facebook use search mainly on their own websites
Online Retailing
Online retailing is where Amazon took a stronghold in 2011, with Apple running a close second.

$48 billion in online sales for Amazon in 2011
$15.8 billion in online sales for Apple in 2011

Google and Facebook do not directly compete in this area.

Fundamentals of Competitive Strategy
Alejandro Mijares
Aarsha Yagnavalkya Kundurthy
Swapnil Kale
Chris Louison
Andre Jales
1 - iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTouch, iTV, iMac, etc.
2 - Devices
3 - Innovative and robust design, technology based on software, first mover, superior brand recognition
4 - Internet and music to mobile
Presented by:
Thank you!
Interesting Technology
About 1.8 billion people connect to the Internet, only 450 million of them speak English
Interesting Technology Facts:

Amazon now sells more e-books than printed books

Amazon.com spent more than $158M on Google search ads in the year 2013
1 - Apple's iPad retina display is manufactured by Samsung

2 - Apple puts new employees on fake projects to see if they can be trusted

3 - Apple stores each sell an average of $93,150 worth of products every day, which is equivalent to $3,900 an hour or $65 a minute every day of the year

Interesting Technology Facts:
1. Facebook has over 350 million active users. More than 35 million users update their status each day, with more than 55 million status updates each day
2. Facebook is but it is the second-ranked site overall in the U.S. behind Google
3. If Facebook were a country, it would be the fifth-largest country in the world, after China, India, the U.S., and Indonesia
Interesting Technology Facts:
4. You cannot block Marc Zuckerberg on Facebook
1. People view 15 billion videos online every month.
Discuss whether fighting for overall dominance is the right strategic course or should each of these companies stick to building out their core competencies.
1 - Entering into new/other business does not always translate into an attempt to dominate core competencies of other companies
2 - Dominating all core competencies sometimes results into failure of product (i.e. Google's mobile failure with Motorola Mobility)
Unique Monthly U.S Visitors for the four giants:
Unique visitors
Time per person (HH:MM)
Group # 4:
Interesting Technology Facts:
2. Google homepage loads the fastest out of any other site, which is why many people use it to test their connection
3. Google also own 466453.com which is Google spelled out on the phone
4. Speaking of fast, there are 2 million Google searches going on per second
Who is winning the race?
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