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Trade, Mercantilism & The Middle Passage

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Rachael Streitman

on 18 September 2017

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Transcript of Trade, Mercantilism & The Middle Passage

Trade, Mercantilism &
The Middle Passage

I Can Statements:

I can explain that competition for control of resources in North America led to conflicts among colonizing powers.

I can explain that race-based slavery led to the forced migration of Africans to the colonies
13 colonies had RAW MATERIALS
(lumber, furs, oil, etc)
that England
(& other countries)
wanted. England has manufactured goods
(furniture, tools, machinery)
that the 13 colonies needed

England wanted to CONTROL this trade

England created
Navigation Acts
Kept colonists from trading with other countries
If they did trade with other countries, they had to pay
(taxes) on imports

Colonies wanted
free enterprise
- buying and selling where they found the best prices. Competition is a GOOD thing!
(is it?)
Tell me about it...
You want a new iPhone85s but have to sell your old one first.

You post some sale ads on eBay, Craigslist, and put one in the newspaper...

How do you decide who to sell your old phone to?
Exit Ticket
Write your name on the post-it, and complete the following:

Mercantilism is different from free-enterprise because...
Trade between Europe, West Africa, the Caribbean, and the Colonies.
Let's Map It!
Practice of creating & maintaining wealth by carefully controlling trade.
English laws that say
1) Colonies can only send goods to England, not other countries
2) Goods going TO colonies must pass through English ports (to be taxed)
Economic competition (trading) with little government control
Using the interactive map (linked in the Google Classroom), map out the Middle Passage on your note sheet.
Make sure you create a color-coded KEY- exports from each region should a different color arrow, and labeled with the goods from that region.
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