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No description

Huda zolkot

on 11 December 2017

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Transcript of MBC GROUP

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Middle East Broadcasting Center
prepared by:
Mahmoud abd elrheem
Ahmed Ossama
Amera elkelliny
Mariam Zolkot
Yara Fouda
Table of Contents:
organization profile
Table of vision
table of mission
Swot Analysis square
Company Profile:
1991 The beginning of MBC’s independent satellite broadcasting gave rise to a new entertainment era in Arabia.
2002 It is also considered as one of the top production companies specializing in high quality documentaries and shows in the region.
2005 MBC group became an industry leader by launching MBC 4.
2012 the MBC Group launched MBC MASR to provide excellent coverage of the Egyptian affairs in all its dimensions
2014 MBC launched the “MBC PRO SPORTS” bundle of channels
MBC Channels
mbc 1
mbc max
mbc 3
mbc 4
mbc variety
elArabya news
mbc drama
mbc masr
mbc bollywood
mbc pro sport
mbc+ drama

MBC vision
With our heart in the Arab world, we are forging a global media group that enriches people’s lives through information, interaction and entertainment
MBC Mission
* MBC Group commits to being the leading multiplatform provider of innovative information and entertainment, produced by professionals performing in a culture of excellence.
swot analysis
1- Brand loyalty.
2- Brand reputation.
3- High advertising budget.
4- Excellent marketing
5-Strong team management.
1- Over reliance on commercials
2- Risky due to unlimited programs
3-Further changes in management.
4- Lack of flexibility.
5-Similar programs by competitors.

1- Growth Rates and Profitability.
2- Income Level is at constant increase.
3- Growing Economy.
4- Global Market.
5- Changes in social pattern.
6- Broadcasting Contracts.

1-increasing Competition.
2- Rapid changes Technology.
3- Unexpected Problems.
4- Existing Regulations
5- Unstable political and legal system.
6- Changes in Customer behavior.

Internal Factor Evaluation
MBC group strengths scored high rate in excellent marketing and strong team management but scored low but enough rate in brand loyalty according to field atmosphere so it should keep on these rates and try to modify it, but it should decrease its weaknesses specially over reliance on commercials which scored high risk to the company unlike similar programs to competitors which scored low risk
External factor evaluation
MBC has great opportunities in increase in income level at constant increase and narrow opportunity in broadcasting contracts , also mbc group is threated by increasing Competition in the media field and less chances for suffering from unexpected problems due to high preparation

Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM):
MBC group invested more on the most important factors and invest less on the less important factors,
on the other hand MBC competitor CBC has competitive advantage over financial position, quality and advertising which partly differ it from the other two MBC and ELNAHAR ,
the other competitor ElNAHAR group invested more in the market share giving less care to other important factors.
SWOT Analysis Square
Characteristics For Mission:-
Strong, future focused, challengeable, understandable and directed to their aim which is the Arab world with all segmentations.

The mission exclude important characteristics like : HR, public image, technology, market, customers despite of the case in reality as it becomes the leading entertainment provider in the middle east,
so their mission should be clear enough and it focusing on important characteristics like: broad in scope, less than 250 words, inspiring, and enduring,
but lacking important points like: identifying the utility of its products in forming people awareness, reveal it's socially and environmentally responsibility.
From the previous analysis we found that MBC group is able to achieve its vision because we found from External Factor Evaluation that opportunities exceeds threats that's make vision accepted with the organization current strengths and case.

We notice that MBC group have a powerful, meaningful and achievable vision and mission
In the SWOT Analysis of MBC Group we notice that they covered all the important points
MBC Group need to find good solutions for their weaknesses and threats, other wise they will lose the good reputation, the customers and their loyalty
Executive analysis
Full transcript