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No description

John Miller

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of ixncxusadjxhchzudisaewhjsiuhjbsiu132hjwesuiwqie2hjuqdi312jwk

my journey begins
moving again!
I grew up in mexico City. When I was five years old my Dad had got a job in tijauna. We had to move there. and that was just the beggining of my journy.
when I moved here we had to go and find a new school that i can go to. i missed my old friends back at my old house, but i knew i would make new friends soon. We had finally found a new school and on my first day of school i made new friends. after a couple of years of being at school had to
after my eighth birthday and after about four years of being at school my family had to move again because my dad had heard about the gold rush. he had decided to move to California because we were close to it. he said we could have a chance to strike at rich. so when we ended up living in Oceanside.
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