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Can kindness become cool?

No description

Kevin Kuhar

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Can kindness become cool?

Can Kindness Become Cool?
So now,
what do you think?
Now, go back to the options of picking what world you want to live in, do you change your choice or keep it the same?

Do you think kindness can become cool?
Really, the answer is up to you!
Can kindness become cool? Well, I think it already is cool. Why else would people want be treated nice rather than treated horrible? OK, think of this...your walking down the street to get home and everyone is being friendly and someone hands you five dollars. Now, picture that same scene, but this time everyone is yelling at you for no reason at all...your being treated like garbage. Which world would you rather live in, the world where everyone is nice and perfect, or the world where everyone is mean and you just want to get out of there as fast as possible?
Meaning- The quality or state of being kind

Pay It Forward
By: Kevin Kuhar
Can kindness become cool? What do you think?
Pay it forward is:
a series of good deeds where
one person will do something
good to 3 different people and
they have to "pay it forward" to 3
other people.(each)
The opposite of being kind
Being mean
being selfish
being disrespectful
being rude
being defiant
not using manners
All these words are antonyms for the word kind.
Now, does that sound cool?
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