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RAW INK Online (Reading and Writing In Kentuckiana)

From Clicking the "Create New Network" Tab in August 2008 to ECN's First Web Institute in July 2010

Paul Hankins

on 11 July 2010

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Transcript of RAW INK Online (Reading and Writing In Kentuckiana)

Double click anywhere & add an idea RAW INK
(Reading and Writing
In Kentuckiana)
Initial Guiding Questions: Could a Class Maintain a Social Network?
Could we get administrative
support for RAW INK? What would the focus
of our Social Network be? Was Ning the best option
for our classroom network? Reading Writing Resources Author Interaction July 2010 Deborah Wiles Student Interaction Response and Reflection As the author of Countdown, I have loved hearing from readers and having a discussion about not just the book, but also about what other books it might remind you of, or questions it may bring up about writing -- structure, characterization, process, plot, theme, etc. etc.
"I like having this learning community that is just for us. I like seeing how Countdown is being used in the classroom, even a virtual classroom. Very cool!" Deborah Wiles It's valuable, to me, to have an honest discussion of the book --
what works, what doesn't work, why and why not -- as that's the way critical thinking skills are honed, meaning -- we get to see things from other perspectives and that expands our universe and our choices or options. I learn so much from a meaty discussion where many opinions are expressed. I appreciate everyone who has chimed in. I read every comment, even if I'm not able to comment.
RAW INK 2008-2009
Author Chat Sessions More Than Just a Ning Thing:
RAW INK via Room 210 For the 2009-2010 School Year, RAW INK
brought authors into Room 210 Via Skype! Jennifer Brown: Hate List Garth Stein: The Art of Racing in the Rain Robert Lipsyte:
Raider's Night, Centerfield Jon Skovron: Struts and Frets With platform and support,
Ning has been a great option
for RAW INK! With its new features and the ability
to use our own domain,
we feel like RAW INK
will have some real "umph"
after July 20th! Our focus began with and continues to be the promotion of reading and writing. As we continue to add resources to the site,
we look for the reading and writing applications! The Answer has been a resounding "Yes!" Our building principal and our
West Clark Community Schools IT Department
support RAW INK! To date, RAW INK hosts 530 members-
this is one hundred people shy
of our total school population
at Silver Creek High School! There are 150 Juniors in a given school year,
which means we are hosting
380 people who are not Silver Creek Students! RAW INK Online Recognition October 21st, 2008:
Education Feature Story
in the New Albany Tribune and The Evening News! Presented RAW INK at IUSoutheastWriting Project's Summer Writing Conference in 2009! Presented at Indiana Teachers of Writing (ITW) Fall Conference October 2009! Spring 2010: RAW INK is a feature article
by Dr. Pat Daly in IUSoutheast's alumni publication, The Voice! Summer 2010: RAW INcK becomes RAW INK Online:
Features as Mini Session with English Companion's first
Web Institute! Coming Up: RAW INK Online to be
part of NCTE Annual Convention (Friday at 9:30AM!) Chris
Crutcher Tanya
Stone Kimberly
Holt Sarah
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