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Typical Australian by Nicola.m

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Typical Australian by Nicola.m

My perceptions
4-5 family members .1-2 pets
Capital city .2 story house
Overseas every year
Smaller holidays in between
2-3 kids aged 5-17
Parents aged 32-50
2 girls 1 boy
Pet dog
Minimum of 3 devices
2 cars
Speak English at home
Don't live with grandparents
69% of Australian adults are married
4 people in a family
81% speak English at home
2 cars
52% of a girl and boy
Yearly income $80371.2
Holiday every 2 years
82.5% live in a house
39% dog 29% cat
Capital city
Religion is Christian
Don't live with grandparents
Holidays to Bali, New Zealand and America
Typical Australian by Nicola
A typical Australian in my family contains of 4 people.There are 2 kids, 1 boy and 1 girl aged from 11-14. They have a 2 story house and live in the suburbs of a capital city. This family have Wi-fi and 16 electronic devices. They speak English at home and have 2 cars,
also, this family go overseas every 2 years, are catholic, have a pet cat and don't live with their grandparents.
2 cars, house, Wi-fi,
pet, speak English at home
and don't live
with grandparents
Dog, house, pet,
Wi-fi, capital city,
2 cars and don't live
with grand parents
House, capital city, 2 story house, devices,Wi-fi, 2 cars,pet and don't live with grandparents
2 children, house,
4 people in a family,
pet, Wi-fi, 2 cars,
holiday every 2 years and
don't live with grandparents
My perceptions:
The typical Australian family has 4-5 family members and 1-2 pets. They live in a capital city in a 2 story house. The Australians go overseas every year and have smaller holidays in between. In their family there are 2-3 kids aged from 5-17 and two parents aged from 32-50. From the 2-3 kids in the family I think that 2 of them are girls and 1 boy. An average Australian family will have a dog as their pet. These Australians house has Wi-fi and a minimum of 3 devices. This Australian family also has 2 cars, speak English at home and don't live with their grandparents
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