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Animal Extinction Sabin

Its a great way to learn about animal extinction

sabin researchers

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Animal Extinction Sabin

Rainforest Animals By: Heidi Gonzalez Lot's of rainforest species go extinct every hour. Like 15 species. Almost every specie in the rainforest is endangered. Lot's of people that live in the rainforest are causing animal extinction. Like pollution and the palms that are getting burned down. But the good thing is that is that it rains a lot so it can calm down the fire.But what technology helps rainforest species and what causes it? lion tracking collars are good for
the lions because if they are hurt
or in desprite need the collars can trace them and take them to
a vetrinarian it helps them because there will be a big chance that they will survive because they will have like a pound that is ready at all times whales get abused so do other marine animals. but sceincetists have a soulution.
they have came up with whale trackers. what are whale trackers, whale trackers are little micro chips sceintists send into the ocean. the whale ethier eats it or the chip sticks to their body. this is saving them by because of the chip they know where the whales are and if their mating or not. this is a really good thing for whales. marine animal extinction by
jacob casados this is the lion tracking collar this is the whale tracking device This is a picture of a rainforest getting burned down all because of humans. tracking collars
by:Jesse Bustos the tracking collars help african animals because we can use aircraft if there hurt and take them to a hospital and get treated by a doctor and then can lion threats
by: Jesse Bustos the lion's threats are that the climate is changing,hunters, and there worst threat is that lions are fighting other lions for woman homes and of cours lions worst threat fighting each other this is a lion getting treated by a doctor this is the lion tracking collar african animal extinction This are the estimates on how many rainforest animals are going extinct in the future. In the future almost everyone will forget about the species that went extinct this day. the animal threats have always changed and will never be the same the first threat for birds might have been pollution. By the next year the threat is solar vents which prevents birds from flyining This is a specie {panda bear} who is an endangered specie in the rainforest and lots of people are working hard to save them. In a common rainforest there are 25 million square meters. Each year the people that live in the rainforest and get paid to cut it down,cut down 220 square meters. Antartic Animals By:Irene Gamez Humans use cameras in the Antartic so they can see how they are doing and to see what is happening in there too. The pollution in the air make polar
bears go endangered and extinct. The oil spilling make the polar
bears get full of oil. Some polar bears
enven eat the oil and die from eating it. Some peolpe even forget that there is such thing as extinction so they don't take care of the animals. The extinction rate is 1,000 -10,000 higher than it used to be.
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