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Caiden Ingram

No description

Katrina Dye

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Caiden Ingram

Some people seem to think science is just labeling and talking about animals and plants. I want a classroom that the kids of Lakeside will leap out of bed ready for the next lesson in science. Science is an important part of our lives. Most kids dislike science, my goal is to get kids interested in the greatest subject in the world. This is what the students of Lakeside in 2050 will have access too. We depend on Science to give us medicine and enhancements to our society. These kids are the future of our society, we rely on them to be the future. My friend Gage Edmonson will sometimes fall asleep because it's "boring," I want a school that will give him the academic challenge he deserves.
Lakeside 2050:
Science Classroom
A Glimpse into the Future of Lakside School District
Designed by Caiden Ingram

My design would include bigger classrooms, areas for specific fields of science, teachers would be holographic, and robot helpers would be in every area. All of these key elements will make Lakeside better in 2050. The robot helpers would have a defensive program to prevent any harm. The hologram pad would have the lesson plan so the teacher wont have to pull out papers.
Students of Lakeside Middle School will want to seek the knowledge, be willing to learn, not sleep in class and get a good grade. Nearly every student will get A’s and B’s. Those who want to learn will love this unique learning curriculum. Those who dislike it will it will have their own unique class so they will enjoy it too.
Q: What five adjectives best describe your design?
A. Exciting, Large, Inspiring, Amazing, and Productive

Q: What makes your design innovative?
A. Kids will get to choose their own future and their own professions.

Q: What was the inspiration for your design?
A. The ASMSA building downtown, it’s kind of like a college in a way.

Q: What features of your design do you think will most excite and inspire students?
Q: Why?
A. The multiple science courses that they can take and decide their future.

Q: How is your design going to prepare students for work, college, and career?
A. We will have multiple fields of science such as biology, chemistry, and geolog to prepare children for any field they may want to go into.

Final Product
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