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Safety in Lab

Use these saftey rules in the lab! :)

Tara Maguire

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Safety in Lab

Knowing your warning symbols is extremely important because if you don't, dangers may occur. Some symbols may be telling you that the substance is hazardous and to be very careful with it. You will come across lots of symbols that will show the substance is hazardous and if you don't know what it means you may put yourself and others around you in danger. Learn to recognize warning symbols Following the teachers instructions is always very important to do. They know what you are supposed to do and if you do not listen to them or decide to do something else, it may effect the end result of your experiment or could be potentially dangerous. Follow the teachers instructions Sometimes while doing experiments you are dealing with harmful substances and you need to wash your hands after or you could end up with parts of the substances on your hands. Later you might forget about dealing with hazardous substances and touch your face or mouth and end up ingesting the substances which could be harmful to your body. Wash your hands after every experiment In the science lab we may be exposed to lots of flammable chemicals. It it very possible that a fire could start and you can't rely on other people to know where the safety equipment is. Even if you don't think a fire will happen to you, it could and you need to be prepared. Know the location of the nearest fire extinguishers and other safety equipment Make sure to wash your hands after each experiment and use these tips to make sure you get all the harmful chemicals off your hands. Make sure you wash your hands RIGHT after you finish dealing with harmful substances. You may not notice but you will most likely touch your eyes or mouth, which could lead to you getting sick. You may have already seen some of those hazard symbols on cleaning supplies such as these! Knowing where your fire extinguisher isn't enough! You should also know how to use it! Do not forget to follow all of your classroom rules. Wear safety goggles while doing this activity. This means that you will be using glassware and you should be careful holding them. This symbol means you should wear a safety apron. This symbol means you should wear safety gloves. Flammable Hazard: This means the product can catch on fire easily and you should keep it away from heat. Toxic Hazard: This mean that the product is poisonous. Smelling or tasting the product can cause harm. Corrosive Hazard: This means it can eat away at skin and different materials. Explosive Hazard: This means the product can explode if punctured or heated. Different fire extinguishers have different uses! Knowing which fire extinguisher you have in your classroom is very important! Go in early one day and ask your teacher if you have an eye wash station, and find the nearest fire extinguisher! Listen to the teachers because when you know what you are doing you can get things done a lot faster. When the teacher is explaining the instructions don't chat with your friends! There's plenty of time to chat with your friends after you're done! Oxidizing material Flammable and combustible material Dangerously reactive material Corrosive material Compressed gas Bio hazardous infectious material. Poisonous and infectious causing immediate and serious toxic effects Poisonous and infectious causing other toxic effects please press play. --> Prezi by: Tara Sanayei & Meghan Maguire. THE END! Hope you enjoyed :) Follow Directions Song: VIDEO CREDITS Science Lab Safety rules: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yclOrqEv7kw Uploaded by irisedonline Uploaded by mslowley1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atFupd8NxRE&feature=related
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