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Translation Forum Russia 2010: MT & Freelancers

Qabiria's presentation for the Translation Forum Russia 2010 held in Ekaterinburg, 24-26 September 2010.

Marco Cevoli

on 18 September 2010

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Transcript of Translation Forum Russia 2010: MT & Freelancers

MT and the freelance translator: a difficult relationship Ekaterinburg, 24-26 September 2010 ally tool technology advanced productive science-fiction AI enemy useless not working eternal promise will never work utopia burden time-waster Strengths vs affordable easily accessible no misspellings in constant evolution quick few guidelines for MT PE and MT use in general not for every language no privacy control limited formatting Weaknesses by Marco Cevoli Misconceptions MT is designed to put translators out of their job

TM have nothing to do with MT

Free online MT is the best example of MT technology

MT is a single system

Nobody seriously use MT

Only human translation can deliver high quality Post-editing is the correction of machine translation output by human linguists/editors The level of post-editing to be performed on a text depends on:

the user/client

the volume of documentation to be processed

the quality expectations and final use of the translated text

the translation turn-around time 2 informal surveys:
ProZ** "never, but next week I will start a training cource [sic] on SDL" no more "stupid" jobs adding PE as an additional service MT for internal use Opportunities Threats "slow" development vs high expectations HT resistance to use Consulting Translation Training Improve the productivity of LSPs by making creative use of technology { Freelance translators should:
know MT
not demonize MT
not underestimate MT
not misuse MT Our goal is to
convince you that... Current perception Just another tool Pros and cons 1) 2) 3) Do freelancers actually use MT? How can LSPs use MT? **) 1603 answers *) 92 answers little or no experience + lack of info about PE + expectations not met = "...although, in general, professional translators are reluctant to invest in MT software and to integrate it into their working practice, online MT is seen by some as a potentially valuable translation aid."
(F. Gaspari - J. Hutchins, 2007) Resistance against MT Outbound translation

Inbound translation

Translation for personal
traditional demand for translations of publishable quality demand for translations of short-lived documents for information gathering and analysis which can be provided in unedited forms References demand for on-the-spot translation – the traditional role of the interpreter { { Pro Translator MT { ( ) } critical area Quality misunderstanding Quality is…
…what your client accepts as such.

Corollary 1:
“Better is the enemy of Good”
Corollary 2:
“Do not cast pearls before swine”
The Good Enough Revolution: When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine By Robert Capps (Wired Magazine 17.09) We now favor flexibility over high fidelity, convenience over features, quick and dirty over slow and polished. Having it here and now is more important than having it perfect. These changes run so deep and wide, they're actually altering what we mean when we describe a product as "high-quality". And it's happening everywhere. As more sectors connect to the digital world, from medicine to the military, they too are seeing the rise of Good Enough tools (...) Suddenly what seemed perfect is anything but, and products that appear mediocre at first glance are often the perfect fit.. To some, it looks like the crapification of everything. But it's really an improvement. And businesses need to get used to it, because the Good Enough revolution has only just begun. phone > Skype hi-fi > mp3 books > Kindle computers > netbooks ...companies that focus on traditional measures of quality (...) can become myopic and fail to address other, now essential attributes like convenience and shareability. Office > Google Docs Pre-translation Back-translation Gisting of reference material Proper MT + PE What's post-editing (PE)? Integration with CAT tools "professor [Dostert] forecast that 'five, perhaps three, years hence, interlingual meaning conversion by electronic process in important functional areas of several languages may well be an accomplished fact'."

(Christian Science Monitor newspaper, after the Georgetown-IBM experiment demonstrated on January 1954) "Word tag" created with http://www.wordle.net/ 1) 2) 3) MT PE can take 25-30% of the time necessary for HT, achieving the same quality. Enhance productivity final customers concerns Become an expert: learn how to proficiently use MT. Innovate: contribute to the development. Give MT a try: both for your internal needs and for repetitive jobs. Your role in all this imprecise By-products of MT PE larger output
customized user dictionary
source and final texts can be aligned + consistency TMs Designed from the storehouse of knowledge left by the Krels, a race long dead, Robby (fueled by Isotope 217) was a servant unit capable of speaking multiple languages ("If you do not speak English, I am at your disposal with 187 other languages along with their various dialects and subtongues."), lifting tremendous weights, synthesizing anything from gems to rot-gut bourbon, and performing domestic duties such as cooking and cleaning. http://www.tvacres.com/robots_robby.htm ...Robby is your friend HT will always be able to improve the results of MT, while MT cannot improve the results of HT.
No need to worry, then. Automatic Translation Identifying Terms Dictionary Build-up Full Post-editing Final Translated & Revised Text Multi-step process in MT PE 2 3 5 1-(4) John Hutchins Jeff Allen Lorena Guerra Please google "Machine Translation" + EAMT IAMT (or "Forbidden Planet" for more nice pictures of Robby the Robot) Thank you. Georgetown-IBM experiment (Allen, 2001) (Not yet, at least...) ( ) The process described here is very different from the general usage of PE by many organization where they batch process the text, provide it in Word to the translators, and then reimport the post-edited documents. 1) 2) 3) KEY TO SUCCESS www.qabiria.com __________________________________ www.qabiria.com HT vs MT: a real conflict? Translation Forum Russia 2010 TAUS
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