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Thorne Blackwood's Story

No description

Chloe Vega

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Thorne Blackwood's Story

Her Flaws
Thorne’s fatal flaw is her loss of sight, and she has a severe weakness for living creatures and nature.
Her Strengths
Because Thorne is blind, all of her other senses, including her echolocation, are heightened. Using her echolocation, she is a skilled archer. She can also telepathically communicate with her bobcat, Astra.
Her Motivation
Her heart hardened from years of abuse, as well as having a strong love for animals and the environment, she is ready to destroy anyone who harms the natural environment.
Her Sister
At the age of 16, Thorne escaped her parents and fled to the planet Endor. There, she met her sister, Misty Blackwood. Misty, A.K.A. Dark Mist, and Thorne teamed up. Together, they are determined to preserve the universe, even if it means taking lives.
The Hero
The protagonist in this picture goes by the name The Benefactor. He organizes and oversees the building of hospitals and shelters. Thorne and Misty are determined to stop him bury the enviroment under layers of concrete and steel.
Her Beginning
Thorne was born a bat-child on planet Dyanite. At birth, her parents were disgusted to find out her sister had been born with a tail. Seeing nothing unusual with Thorne, they abandoned the first child and raised her. By the age of two, she had sprouted wings and a tail, just like her sister. Her parents loathed her. She was abused and whipped, forced to do all of the work on their plantation.
Thorne Blackwood's Story
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